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Ecospeed/Ecoshield Special Offers

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PrintTo celebrate the launch of Ecoshield, the ultimate cavitation damage protection coating for rudders and other underwater ship gear, Subsea Industries is announcing three special offers.

1.The first is for any shipowner who has ever applied Ecospeed or Ecoshield to a rudder, stabilizer fin or other part of the ship but not to the entire hull. For a limited time Subsea Industries will reduce the cost of coating the full hull of your vessel by half the cost of the rudder application. It will help you make the most of your investment in the Ecospeed/Ecoshield application you have already purchased.

This is how it works. If you paid €20, 000 to have Ecospeed or Ecoshield applied to a rudder of a ship a year or two ago and now decide to go ahead and have the entire hull coated with Ecospeed, they will subtract €10, 000 from the full cost of the Ecospeed application. If you paid €10, 000 to have the nozzles or thruster tunnels or some other part of the underwater ship coated with Ecospeed/Ecoshield and now decide to coat the entire hull, they will deduct €5, 000 from the total cost of the Ecospeed application.

Now is the time to get the ship’s full hull coated with Ecospeed at a discounted price.

1.The second offer is for anyone doing a new Ecoshield application. It may not be the right time for a full Ecospeed hull application on your ship. But you do have the time and budget to apply Ecoshield to your rudder, thruster tunnel or other underwater gear. It’s a very smart move since Ecoshield will put an end to cavitation damage and provide seriously tough protection for those high wear parts of your underwater ship.

To make it more economically attractive to coat these special parts of your underwater hull with Ecoshield now, Subsea Industries will subtract half the cost of your Ecoshield application from the cost of the full hull application when you do apply Ecospeed to the entire hull. Even if you will not coat the rest of the hull with Ecospeed until a future date. All you have to do is place your order for an Ecoshield application to your rudder(s) or other underwater gear soon and you will automatically qualify for this offer when you decide to apply Ecospeed to the entire underwater hull.

It’s like getting your rudder or other underwater gear proofed against cavitation damage and corrosion for half the cost.

3.The final part of these special Ecospeed/Ecoshield offers is to anyone doing a whole hull application. Subsea Industries will do an Ecoshield application on the rudder for half the usual price.

Call one of the Ecospeed offices NOW to discuss your options and avail yourself of these remarkable special offers.

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