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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Angola, Soyo – Traffic management during ALNG tanker transit
* United States, Delaware Bay, Delaware – Seasonal Ice Procedures: Ice
Condition 3

DATE: January 06, 2014
PORT: Soyo
Traffic management during ALNG tanker transit

This notice serves to remind vessel Masters, Pilots, Owners, Operators and
Agents of the traffic management procedures that are implemented by Soyo
Port Control to ensure the safe transit of Angola LNG tankers to and from
the Angola LNG Marine Terminal.

* For Angola LNG tankers bound to or from the Angola LNG Marine Terminal
the Pululu Channel shall be closed 30 minutes prior to the vessels entry to
the Pululu Channel.
* During channel closure the Safety Zone will also be in force.
* Angola LNG Pilots will advise Soyo Port Control when the Pululu Channel
can be opened for other traffic and will endeavor to keep the channel
closure time to a minimum.
* For planning purposes the Pululu Channel closure would normally not
exceed 1.5 hours.
* With prior consultation and agreement with the Angola LNG pilots;
Dredgers, Survey vessels or Buoy Maintenance vessels engaged in maintenance
operations within the Pululu channel may be allowed to continue limited
operations in areas clear of the Angola LNG tanker. This will only be done
in full consultation with Soyo Port Control who will continue to provide
traffic control.

* During channel closure for Angola LNG tankers; vessels that wish to move
between berths or the Inner anchorage within Kwanda should be given traffic
clearance by Soyo Port Control provided they will not enter the Pululu
Channel or Angola LNG Turning Basin.
* Inward bound vessels for Kwanda Terminal shall be instructed by Soyo Port
Control to remain clear of the Safety Zone until Angola LNG Pilots confirm
that the Pululu Channel may be re-opened.
* Dredgers, Survey vessels or Buoy Maintenance vessels shall be allowed to
continue operations within Kwanda Basin during the time of channel closure.
* Once the channel is re-opened to other vessels Soyo Port Control will
work closely with Kwanda Terminal and Soyo Pilot to plan vessel movements
to minimise further delays.

(For information about operations in Angola contact GAC Angola at

Source: Soyo Maritime Authority Instruction 08/2014

DATE: January 06, 2014
COUNTRY: United States
PORT: Delaware Bay, Delaware
Seasonal Ice Procedures: Ice Condition 3

The Captain of the Port (COTP) Sector Delaware Bay is notifying mariners
the Ice Condition 3 has been set for the Port which includes the Delaware
Bay and River, the C&D Canal, Cape May Harbor and Canal, and the ICW.

This means that weather conditions are favorable for the formation of ice
in the navigable waters.

All masters, ship agents, owners and operators of all vessels, marine
facilities and marinas should review and adhere to the following procedures
for the Delaware River and C&D Canal:

* When ice is present, but less than 2 inches, vessels must have a
propulsion system with a minimum of 1000 horsepower, and be able to
maneuver un-assisted through the ice without needing to stop, back off and
ram the ice.

* Vessel moorings should be checked frequently to ensure the vessel is
adequately moored.

* Vessel sea chests should be checked regularly for ice buildup and
precautions should be taken to ensure that the sea chests are kept clear.

* Vessels at anchor should ensure that proper bridge watches are stood at
all times.

* The COTP Sector Delaware Bay may establish additional requirements for
specific geographic areas of the COTP Zone if conditions warrant such

Please refer to our internet website for additional information regarding
ice operations within he Sector Delaware Ba zone at
http://www.uscg.mil/d5/sectDelawarebay or by calling our Sector Delaware
Bay Ice Line at (215) 271-4995

(For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at

Source: U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Delaware Bay, Marine Safety Information
Bulletin No.01-14 dated 4 January 2014

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