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Milk of human kindness as Intramar Freight Services delivers in Shanghai

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shanghaiThe initial shipment of specially-formulated milk powder for Chinese children by Intramar Freight (NZ) Ltd and the U-Freight Group (UFL) has been successfully delivered to the client in Shanghai and is now on sale in China.

The consignment, in a 40 foot ocean container, underwent extremely rigorous examination on landing by China Inspection & Quarantine (CIQ) officials, says Iain Dick, Managing Director of Auckland, New Zealand-based Intramar Freight (NZ).

He says: “We have been working on milk powder exports to China for some time. The shipment of our first 40 foot container underwent a very rigorous examination by CIQ, which opened each and every carton (2, 998 of them) and then physically checked each can inside each carton.

“Orders placed via the website of our client, Diamond Milk Formulas are automatically transferred to UFL for pick , pack and despatch.”

The Taimana stage 1, 2 and 3 milk powder formula has been scientifically developed specifically for Chinese children by Diamond Milk Formulas, based in Queenstown, New Zealand and a registered exporter with New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

The three formulas have passed rigorous testing by Chinese authorities and been approved for sale. All milk powder importers must be registered with the Chinese authorities and it has recently been announced that no new registrations will be accepted after May 1st 2014.

Mr Dick says: “The recent news that China’s long-standing one-child policy may be about to be relaxed by the Chinese leadership in a bid to bolster the country’s future workforce and support the funding of its social services in an ageing China can only be good news to importers of baby formula.

“This movement by Intramar Freight (NZ) Ltd and U-Freight demonstrates how easily milk powder exporters from New Zealand can rely on U-Freight to deliver their products securely and in first-class condition. Shipments depart from New Zealand and are received into U-Freight’s ultra-modern facility in Shanghai under our direct control to guarantee dedicated handling.

“We are proud that with this shipment, and future shipments of milk powder formula for babies, we will be helping to grow the next generation of Chinese citizens.”

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