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The BDI falls 51 percent in a month’s time and the world is in tatters

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

Allaboutshipping.co.uk’s third live overview of the Shipping Markets and the World Economy for 2014 was presented earlier this Friday evening the 31th of January 2014 by John Faraclas who continued to be bold and provocative…

The Shipping Markets continue to drop…in direct continuation…

The BDI closed further down to 1, 110 points, down 17 from yesterday and 136 since last Friday’s 1, 246 points and well, that’s a big deep of 1, 117 points from its latest closing on December 2013, a 51 percent loss!

The BCI down too at 1, 5254 points the BPI also down at 1, 337 point, the BSI had fallen below the 1, 000 points barrier and the BHSI was down at 684 below the psychological level of 700 points.

Same picture for the wets with the BDTI down at 1, 037 and the BCTI remaining unchanged ….

World Economic Outlook: bleak at best

We might see a small correction in all the markets just after the end of the celebrations in the Far East and lets see what the Year of the Horse will bring… We’ve told you: 2014 will be the year of the upheavals!

The Greek saga continues….  

A big mess still in Athens and those pursuing anti-humane behaviour with austerity et al, they simply risk loosing the much needed social cohesion with incalculable repercussions.

The above and other issues can be heard live in the video which follows; have a nice weekend and watch this space!


Thank you.

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