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The Ukrainian saga continues…

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Crimea anceint

Crimea looks blurred with problems since antiquity; now what next?

The latest developments in Ukraine, particularly the occupation of the parliament in Crimea, the raising of the Russian Flag there, the high state of alert of the Russian Forces, the corruption within the top brass of successive political leaders and other not publicly known events, unless they are completely scaled down, they might produce political tremors over 7 on the Richter scale – and in tandem with the geology of the area…, a point of possible no return.

The geopolitical issues and repercussions will not only affect trade and or energy  – and conversely shipping, it might well trigger terrorism of its worse kind, and given similar situations in the Caucuses region and how same have spread elsewhere, you can imagine what might happen. As the New World Order moves on it reminds me of the interpretation of the Ancient Greek Maxim: “Everything is needed, everything is moving and nothing remains the same”. Try in this case to see how, for whom and what the end result will be…

It is important also to understand that it “is hard for one kicking on the sting”. The way each side is interpreting reality, democracy and freedom… if not pragmatic will read to a big spill over.

Caution, Caution, Caution – with capital C. Moreover as things are not properly shorted out since the days of Nikita Khrushchev and with the Russian Fleet of the Black Sea stations in Ukraine’s  perplexing and more..

As a last advice remember always that: “News is what they don’t tell us”, except that this medium is devoted to reality and not to dirty proxy politics et al….


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