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Koichi Muto

Koichi Muto

MOL Safety Conference 2014 held ~ Four conferences aimed at becoming the world leader in safe operation ~

March 13, 2014 – TOKYO—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) today announced that MOL Safety Conference 2014 programs have been held in four places worldwide.

<Date>               <City (country)>     <No. of participating MOL seafarers>

February 20         Mumbai (India)                                    130

February 26         Manila (The Philippines)                        190

March 5               Zadar (Croatia)                                    130

March 12             Tokyo (Japan)                                       60

Each conference opened with powerful messages from MOL Chairman Akimitsu Ashida and President Koichi Muto. “This year marks the 130th anniversary of MOL. For our growth strategy, establishing and maintaining safe operation is one of the most important issues for gaining customer’s trust. Thus we hope and anticipate that you seafarers who are on the front lines will do your very best to maintain a high level of awareness of safe operation and conduct your duties in such a way as to ensure safe operation of your vessels.”

Managing Executive Officer Masaaki Nemoto, who is also Director-General of the Safety Operations Headquarters, and a number of other MOL executives and staffs also participated in the conference, and actively exchanged opinions with seafarers through presentations, group discussions, and so on, focusing on main themes, such as “Preventing serious marine accidents experienced during the past few years”, “How can we detect unpredictable troubles, ” and “Eliminating work-related Injuries of inexperienced crew”.

Everyone attending the conferences performed the MOL Body FIT (Function Improvement Training ) Exercises, which MOL developed to help improve seafarers’ physical functions with the aim of helping prevent work-related injuries. The exercises helped seafarers to renew their determination to eliminate fatal accidents onboard.

These safety conferences have been conducted annually since 2007 in major countries where our seafarers come from, to explaining our action plans to enhance safety operation in MOL group and to exchange opinions between seafarers and managements. We will continue these conferences in our quest for becoming the world leader in safe operation.

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