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Veson Nautical Offers Relief for Email Overload

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STAMFORD, CTMarch 18, 2014–At CMA Shipping 2014, Veson Nautical today announced the IMOS Email Parser, an essential new tool for its flagship software solution, the Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS). The IMOS Email Parser converts email text into structured data so charterers can act on business opportunities easily and quickly.

With this new proprietary technology, IMOS users can immediately view and evaluate email-based incoming cargo and vessel opportunities. The tool matches vessels or cargos with the IMOS Vessel / Cargo List and flags potential duplicate and conflicting data about market positions. Open opportunities can be analyzed visually on the IMOS fleet map.

“Many shipping companies face email overload – literally hundreds or thousands of emails each day. Failing to catch key operational information or an urgent email from a broker can have a toll on a business, ” said Agya Garg, IMOS Product Manager.  “The IMOS Email Parser provides a simple, highly effective solution to this industry problem, enabling the right people to view critical data and take action quickly. The Email Parser solution simplifies workflow, shows real-time market positions and improves information management.”

How the IMOS Email Parser helps your business

  • Save time — Analyze parsed vessel or cargo data from emails live in the IMOS Position list
  • Identify opportunities easily — Act quickly on the most profitable opportunities while they’re hot, viewing the data on the fleet map or in organized IMOS lists.
  • Collaborate in real-time – Allocate open positions automatically to relevant teams (e.g. by vessel type, cargo type, etc.); Optimize the incoming live data using IMOS Cargo Matching.
  • Increase effectiveness – Enable time for analysis and deal-making rather than email monitoring and data entry; Reduce stress by eliminating noise and focusing on the opportunities that matter to you.

To get a closer look at this pivotal solution, please contact Veson Nautical at info@veson.com.

veson legoAbout Veson Nautical

Founded in 1979, Veson Nautical is the premier provider of maritime commercial management and trading software. The company’s integrated solutions foster collaboration and communication, allowing the world’s leading shipping organizations to better manage voyage chartering, operations, financials, and risk. The Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS), Veson Nautical’s flagship solution, enables faster and more strategic decision making, allowing clients to realize revenue growth, protect voyage P&L, and optimize performance. Veslink is an easy to use web-based service that simplifies, manages, and automates vital ship to shore communications. With its focus on constant innovation and customer service, Veson Nautical serves over 5, 000 users at 200 prominent maritime organizations worldwide. The company may be reached via the Web at www.veson.com or in their Boston headquarters at +1.617.723.2727.

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