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Athens takes the honours as prime location in 2014 ICS exams season

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The s/s "Hellas Liberty"

The s/s “Hellas Liberty”

Greek capital overtakes London as more young shipping professionals seek to base their careers on recognised qualifications

London, April 7, 2014. Athens has overtaken London as the most popular centre for students sitting the 2014 Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers exams, which begin today. After coming a close second in 2013, the Greek capital has outstripped London as Greeks flock to the ICS programme.

The continued interest shown in the ICS exams by young shipping professionals reflects the belief that acquiring the right qualifications is more important as ever, according to ICS Director Julie Lithgow.

“The incredibly strong interest in ICS exams in Athens suggests that young people in Greece see shipping as an industry with potential for the future, ” says Lithgow. “The Institute’s remit of making professional education and qualifications available to all is illustrated by heavily subsided examination fees and our commitment to hosting exams in any location that students request.”

One-to-one revision with the Offshore subject tutor in Aberdeen.

One-to-one revision with the Offshore subject tutor in Aberdeen.

Total candidate numbers in 2014 are the highest yet, with 2, 600 students taking 6, 500 exams in 110 centres. In Athens, some 330 students will sit the exams, with some taking part in revision sessions held aboard the restored Liberty Ship Liberty Hellas. Exams are also being conducted in places including Mogadishu, Beirut, Shetland Islands, Caracas, Bermuda, Rio de Janeiro, Doula (Cameroon), Vladivostok and Baku.

Students in Athens onboard the restored Liberty Ship Liberty Hellas.

Students in Athens onboard the restored Liberty Ship Liberty Hellas.

“The increasingly diverse geographical spread, and that fact that some countries will host multiple exam centres, suggests that professional qualifications remain critical to industry practitioners. Australia will host five exam centres, South Africa six, as well as supporting centres in Namibia and Zimbabwe while India will also host six centres, ” adds Lithgow.

The UK sees students sit the exams in 11 centres, from the Shetland islands to Felixstowe, including London, Southampton, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Middleborough, Hull, Plymouth with 500 students taking over 1, 000 exams.

Tutor and students, Mombasa, Kenya.

Tutor and students, Mombasa,

ICS delivers its main educational programme, TutorShip, directly from its London head office and through a further 16 distance learning centres worldwide. Students initially sit the Professional Qualifying Examination, after which they can apply for ICS membership, with all the career advantages and benefits that this offers.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) was established in 1911 and received Royal Charter in 1920. It is the only internationally recognised professional educational body in the maritime arena and represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents worldwide. ICS is based in the heart of the City of London and has 25 branches in key shipping locations worldwide with 4, 000 individual and 120 company members. ICS membership represents a commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry.

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Chris April 7, 2014 - 4:39 PM

Excellent article Mr. Faraclas, I have also undertook today my ICS Shipping Finance exams in the Examination centre of Piraeus. It is a fact that I saw a very strong interest for the shipping sector from numerous young professionals and students as well. WELL DONE!


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