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Ecoshield in excellent condition on rudder after five years in service

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Ecospeed (2)Recently the container vessel m/v Maersk Deva came into drydock at the Santirul Naval Constanta shipyard in Constanta, Romania. The ship had been sailing with Ecoshield on her rudder for five years, but the coating was still in very good condition and did not need to be replaced.

Ecoshield was applied on the rudder in February 2009. Mr. G. Zolotas, the Fleet Technical Coordinator of Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd. Says that the “coating system has been introduced to us by your local representative some years back when we were looking for a hard coating to protect our rudders from cavitation phenomena. Our coating team consisting of highly qualified professionals with FROSIO red level certificates evaluated the coating and gave the green light for application.”

Cavitation corrosion damage is a problem most ship owners come across. Often a rudder is not given the proper protection against cavitation and the resulting erosion and corrosion damage. In those cases the financial consequences can be extensive for the owner. Cavitation tests have confirmed that Ecoshield, however, performs extremely well under severe cavitation. The coating will prevent corrosion damage from reoccurring on an existing ship or can protect the rudder(s) of a newbuild vessel against cavitation and corrosion damage from the very start for the life of the vessel. It is the only known coating that can provide this type of full protection.

When m/v Deva came into drydock, the difference with earlier dockings was striking. “After 5 years of operation at various speeds there were minor detachments in way of high cavitation areas only and those were easily repaired, ” says Mr. Zolotas.

Ecoshield is guaranteed for ten years As a result of the application no repainting was needed during the drydocking or will be needed during future dockings. At most, minor touch-ups may be required. Maintenance of the vessel’s stern area can therefore be planned without having to take into account any coating or hot work on the rudder.


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