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Curato lists its first bond issue on Oslo Børs

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oslo bors14/05/2014 – Curato Holding AS lists its first bond issue on Oslo Børs today.

Curato delivers radiology services, and plays an important role in the Norwegian healthcare sector. The group has approximately 235 employees.

The bond loan that is admitted to listing today – Curato BidCo AS 13/18 FRN C – is an issue of NOK 500 million with a floating interest rate of 3 month NIBOR + 5.25%, with maturity in November 2018. Nordea Markets is the manager for the issue.

The Norwegian bond market is growing strongly, and an increasing number of companies are raising loan capital on the Oslo Børs marketplaces. More borrowers and more bonds and certificates are now listed on the Oslo Børsand Nordic ABM marketplaces than ever before. In total, 1, 634 issues of bonds and certificates are currently listed by 137 borrowers on the Oslo Børs marketplace and by 192 borrowers on the Nordic ABM marketplace. The volume of new issues is also at an all-time high. So far this year, 209 new issues have been listed, and borrowers have raised around NOK 25 billion from new loans and increases to existing loans.

For more information on Curato, please see: http://curato.no/om

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