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Propeller Club Liverpool: Maritime First Thursday

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First Thursday Sponsor Port2Port Chris Farrel hands raffle prize to Debbie Simpkins of InExpress

First Thursday Sponsor Port2Port Chris Farrel hands raffle prize to Debbie Simpkins of InExpress

Shipping is an industry with a deep history and bright future in Liverpool, and in order to reflect this we host social events every month to bring the maritime community together. These events are hosted by the Propeller Club and held every first Thursday in the city. Steven Jones, vice-president of the Propeller Club, Port of Liverpool, writes:

The “First Thursday” networking events are a hugely popular part of the shipping landscape, and are growing rapidly month on month. The most recent event, sponsored by maritime security experts Port2Port, saw some 50 or more maritime professionals socialising in a warm atmosphere of conviviality and revelry.

It is wonderful to be in the city at a time when there is such a passion and vibrancy around maritime business and enterprise. There is recognition of the role and importance of the industry and this is fuelling hope and growth for the future.

While the local shipping industry has been through lean and difficult times, there are clear signs the area is resurgent once again. There have been landmark achievements, such as Cammell Laird building the flightdeck for “HMS Queen Elizabeth”, the amazing growth of the Liverpool Cruise terminal, and KVH Media’s “Crewtoo”, the world’s biggest international network of seafarers, being run from the city. There has also been mega-investment in new port facilities, while a number of local companies keep seafarers protected from pirates. It is clear to see there is an incredible wealth of talent, investment and maritime related growth.

It is not only businesses which are doing great things, there is education too. Both Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores Universities are producing some of the brightest maritime talent, and the new Port Academy Liverpool is a focal point to translate the promise of skills, training and employment into reality.

First Thursday in Liverpool November 2014

First Thursday in Liverpool November 2014

Launching the first UK Propeller Club chapter outside London is a testimony to this revival –and it is hugely rewarding to see a business network dedicated to the promotion of the maritime industry take root.

We hope that the Propeller Club will serve the city, and the whole region with a means of promoting the great things which are happening. While First Thursdays will continue to bring people together to build relationships and businesses.

We hope to see you to the city in the near future – and there is always a warm welcome on the First Thursday of each month. Follow us on Twitter @propellerists to find out more or visit www.propellerclub.co.uk/


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