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In this new monthly newsletter from The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), we outline the latest projects, initiatives and work which the association has been progressing on behalf of the international membership, and which will deliver maritime security improvements for the wider shipping industry.


The last couple of months have been extremely busy for SAMI – and we have been developing work on a number of fronts. The Association has worked with a number of partners and stakeholders to drive progress in complex areas, and we believe that positive advances have been made.

A New Area of Piracy Anxiety – South China Sea

Despite the positives, there is one area in particular which is becoming a major cause of worry, with growing concern about the level of incidents in the South China Sea (11 hijackings since 17th April 14).The anxiety has developed for several reasons: firstly the area is set to emerge as the key commercial hub for this century; secondly there are more people that live in the SE Asia region than in the rest of the world put together and thirdly (amongst many other reasons) because the land transportation system is relatively undeveloped, this means a disproportionately large volume of trade is moved by sea locally increasing maritime traffic.  It is also a major concern because Europe is the most significant trading partner for the region.

Maritime Cyber Security

Since SAMI held its first dedicated maritime cyber security seminar earlier this year, the association has been progressing plans to develop an industry wide working group. As part of this approach, SAMI and the Nautical Institute (NI) will be working together on highlighting the importance of MCS and establishing a web page with some guidelines to cover this complex subject.The resource will provide opportunities for companies to provide thought leadership, and this will develop an expertise that will assist those who are finding it hard to really know where to begin.  There will be space for companies involved in MCS to produce articles, papers and advertise their services. 


SAMI Joins ISO Technical Committee 

SAMI has long been at the forefront of the development of maritime security standards – from our initial work with the SAMI standard, through to the subsequent task of translating that as part of ISO28007.It is pleasing to report that SAMI is once again at the vanguard, as we have been working for over a year on establishing a form of standard for Floating Armouries. A standard which we believe must include pragmatic requirements providing private maritime security companies (PMSCs) with an equitable situation that is legally robust and value for money. 


UN Security Council Forthcoming Decision

In the spring a number of SAMI members approached the Association with a problem. Shipping companies were keen to use PCASP to be embarked on their ships delivering aid to Mogadishu.  However because of the arms embargo on Somalia this was not possible.We are very pleased to state that after close liaison with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office over several months we have some positive news.  On 24th October 2014 there was a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York and the proposal SAMI submitted for PCASP to be allowed to be used by specific vessels entering Somali ports, which was initiated by the UK has been accepted. We expect some positive and tangible results by 27th February 2015. 

Read the full resolution in the following UN Press Release >

UNODC RUF Meeting London

Another key development which SAMI has long been engaged with has been the development of “Rules for the Use of Force”. It has been a difficult and complex path to develop the necessary structure for using force at sea, but over the years there have been massive strides made.Earlier this month, the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) held a two day meeting at the IMO in London to develop a new handbook on the teaching and training of RUF for private security companies. 

Approximately 30 representatives from the US, UK, various international organisations, the shipping industry and SAMI attended the landmark event.

Chasing West Africa’s Pirates

There are now more pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea than off the coast of Somalia – once considered the global ‘piracy hotspot’. The BBC’s Mary Harper has produced a fascinating documentary exploring the highly complex world of piracy which SAMI was delighted to contribute to.​DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENTARY >


SAMI’s Affiliate members deliver a range of products and services to support the operational needs of the maritime industry.


From drugs testing to logistics, insurance to travel, these service providers offer SAMI’s membership and network tailor made solutions at competitive prices.

Find out more about SAMI’s Affiliates online atwww.seasecurity.org



What Next for PMSCs?


SAMI takes an in-depth look at the new challenges faced by maritime security companies: Balancing Costs & Quality


Read the full article >>

PROMERC  Progress


Read the latest developments on the progress of this exciting European maritime security initiative.

Find out more >>

Training Ship Launch

Border Force deliver skills based, training at the Commercial Vessel Rummage Training Centre in Liverpool.

More details >>

Thank you for taking the time to find out more of the work of SAMI, and we stand by to assist in making sure that wherever and whenever shipping needs security, it can access the right security.


If you would like to find out anything more about the issues discussed, please contact SAMI directly on +44 (0)20 7788 9505 or email enquiries@seasecurity.org

 Security Association for the Maritime IndustryHQS Wellington, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2PN


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