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IUMI announces common theme for 2015 conference – “is there a new normal?”

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Dieter Berg

Dieter Berg

Following its Winter Meeting in London yesterday the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) announces its common theme for 2015 conference in Berlin (13th – 16th September): 

“Technical, Financial & Human Factors – is there a new normal?”

Recently appointed IUMI President, Dieter Berg, explained how the theme reflects the challenges that marine insurers are currently facing:

“Due to rapid advancements in technology the market is facing unprecedented unpredictability” he said. “Vessel sizes are increasing, drilling activities have become far more complex and salvage work, though less frequent, is on a much larger scale than ever before. This is exposing the marine insurance sector to greater risk”.

He went on to say, “an uncertain world economy has put added pressure on the marine insurance industry. In a changing macro-economic environment, margins are under pressure and there are clear signs that the current soft market cycle is set to continue”.

Turning to marine safety, Berg continued: “2015 began badly, loss of life and loss of vessels resulted in large claims. With human factors playing a significant part in marine casualties it makes risk difficult to assess. Vessels are becoming larger and more complicated which has opened a distinct capability gap between salvage and risk”.

According to IUMI, these factors are combining to create a “new normal” in the marine insurance market. IUMI members will address these challenges at the 2015 Annual Conference in Berlin (13th –16th September).

For further information on the IUMI 2015 conference please visit www.iumi.com

About IUMI

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) is a professional body which is run by and for its members. IUMI represents national and international marine insurers and considers issues of interest to the worldwide marine insurance industry. IUMI currently has 48 national associations as members, protecting and advancing their interests. IUMI’s roots date back to 1874.



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