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Dr. Andreas Koutras

Dr. Andreas Koutras

Drachma Ante Portas. How it can be done.
by Andreas Koutras

Any decision, Euro or Drachma has its winners and losers. The way either solution is implemented would define the proportion and the section of the Greek society from which they would come.

As much as the Greek government wants to exorcise the question of regaining monetary independence it keeps coming back with increasing force both in Greece and in European politics. The financial weather forecast is not good for Greece. Financial year 2015 must be considered as a lost year for Greece. Till June or until the new bail out is agreed not much is going to move in Greece. Then there is the three month recess of the glorious Greek summer and by the time something is done in September the year is over. Compound this with the fact that the current government is not a reformist government by any stretch of imagination and it would take time to become one, the writing on the wall is crystal clear. It spells Drachma.

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