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A Guarda Costiera patrol boat from Italy, part of the Frontex Force in the port of Chios

A Guarda Costiera patrol boat from Italy, part of the Frontex Force in the port of Chios


Time and again I have stressed the fact that the media and politicians must come down to their senses and face reality on this ongoing inhumane issue. John Faraclas writes and provokes:

The latest in the series of ….episodes involving migrants coming to Greece and its Islands, 99, 99 centum from Turkey, is a very serious one. It is now over 35 years that this palaver takes place. Turkey must live with the rules and respect issues, particularly the migrants issue which is a big business for many of its citizens, even for its army. Equally the European Union, Europe in general must understand that without pragmatism and a mandate, Frontex and conversely Dublin II or III cannot be implemented. For a start, Dublin II or III is totally against the interests of Greece, as the issue of Asylum “comes” forward. Asylum is a very vague term in the way many interpret same.

Just above I mentioned Frontex and he EU; well then: what was the EU and Frontex response from the very beginning when they created the station and offices in Greece against Turkey’s actions, which has come up with interception of Frontex aircrafts and patrol boats from Greece too (for many years), accusing Greece for even a casus belli? (because Greek patrol boats from both the Greek Navy and Greek Coast Guard are doing their rightful duty??)  Whenever Greece in the past has stepped up measures in its territory and in particular in its sea-frontiers, Turkey accused Greece. In Europe we must saw ZERO TOLERANCE AGAINST TURKEY’S ACTIONS VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL LAW to all intents and purposes!!!!! Enough.

Enough of accusing Greece and even misinterprenting statements made by many of Greece’s Ministers responsible on this issue. Greece CANNOT afford a nickel for this situation and I guess the rich European Nations must here and now absorb all these displaced people who are suffering; needless to say the thousands who have lost their lives. The UN must intervene too. Greece has spent millions of Euros on this issue with incalculable repercurrsions. Add the hidden terrorists incursions and see what you make out of this situ… The Immigrants either should be returned back to where they come from, or the rich European States to receive them and look after them.

Mrs. Merkel and the rest European leaders must raise to the circumstances and give here and now an end to this inhumane situation! It’s an everyday tragedy. Add what the entire Mediterranean region faces, with a thousand percent rise in illegal immigration, after the “Arab Spring” and see what must be done. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, even France suffers from the migrants, illegal immigrants or whatever we can call them. We must end the suffering of these people.

The political masks must fall, otherwise expect the unexpected; shame to put millions of people in danger and many losing their lives, children  and babies in particular. Needless to mention what they suffer… People have a dignity: migrants, legal, or illegal deserve maintaining theirs too!

Did I hear you say diseases?

The UN with its specialist Department, the IMO and the EU must intervene NOW!

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