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duisport Group presents results of 2014 business year

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Presenting the results  of the business year 2014 duisport Copyright-duisport Rolf-Köppen

Markus Bangen (Member of the Executive Board), Erich Staake (Chief Executive Officer), Prof. Thomas Schlipköther ((Member of the Executive Board) Copyright-duisport Rolf-Köppen

Significant increase in sales revenue and profits for duisport Group

Total operating performance for the 2014 business year increased to EUR 198 million / Record net profit of EUR 14 million / Workforce surpasses 1, 000 employees for the first time

Duisburg, 16 April 2015 – The duisport Group generated a total operating performance of EUR 198 million during the 2014 business year. The company’s performance, including revenues from strategic participations, increased by 13% compared to the previous year (2013: EUR 175 million), reaching a new record. In the case of the EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax and depreciation and amortization), the result from 2013 (EUR 30 million) was surpassed by even 17% (EUR 35 million). The result before taxes also reached a new record at EUR 14 million (2013: EUR 12 million).

“All three business segments contributed to the excellent total operating
performance of the duisport Group. Notwithstanding a
difficult market environment in the logistics and
packing area in terms of price, we have been able to
increase the total return of the group by implementing
many process improvements. Our integrated service
portfolio thus remains the basis for a stable earnings
development, ” emphasizes Erich Staake, Chief
Executive Officer of Duisburger Hafen AG, at this
year’s annual results press conference.

All of the three business segments of the duisport Group –
Infra- and Suprastructure, Transportation and Logistic
Services and Packaging Logistics – were able to increase
their business volumes in 2014. While the business
segment Infra- and Suprastructure grew its sales by 4% to
approximately EUR 48 million (2013: EUR 46 million),
sales in the area of logistic services grew by 11% to EUR
60 million (2013: EUR 54 million). The increase in sales in
this business segment is mainly due to the automotive
business, the expansion of activities on the coal complex
and higher handling volumes at the logport III combined
transportation terminal.

Packaging Logistics generated sales of EUR 72 million – a
gain of 24% compared to the previous year (2013: EUR 58
million). In addition to the newly acquired Weinzierl
companies, which were fully included for the first time, this
segment was also successful in expanding existing
customer relationships and acquiring new customers.

The duisport Group undertook investments of
approximately EUR 17 million in the 2014 business year
(2013: EUR 50 million), with an investment focus on
expanding handling and terminal capacities.

The duisport Group’s workforce has also grown, as the
company’s workforce surpassed the level of 1, 000
employees for the first time during the course of the year.
Employment levels thus increased by around 9%
compared to the previous year (920 employees).

“Qualified and committed employees are the guarantor of
sustained growth. Therefore we are confident that we will
be able to continue the excellent results of the past year
into 2015, ” says Staake.

Increased performance for all transport carriers

Total goods handling for all Duisburg ports was 1311
million tonnes last year (2013: 123 million tonnes). This increase
is due to higher handling volumes in the private commercial
ports, and higher volumes at the duisport Group.

The total handling volume at the ports of the duisport
Group reached a new record at 65 million tonnes (2013: 62
million tonnes). Handling volumes for rail and ship reached
33 million tonnes in 2014 – after 31 million tonnes in 2013.
Both rail handling volumes of 17 million tonnes (2013: 16
million tonnes) and ship handling volumes of 16 million
tonnes (2013: 15 million tonnes) were able to surpass the
previous year’s level.

The result for combined transportation is particularly
positive. The handling volume for containers rose by 13
percent to 3.4 million TEU (2013: 3 million TEU). “In the
container area, we are registering double-digit growth for
all traffic carriers. Our aim is to continue expanding our
market share in 2015, as we have done in previous years, ”
says Staake.

The positive developments in 2014 are mainly due to the
successful investments of the past few years, the resulting
influx of international customers and the demand-based
expansion of terminal and handling capacities at the Port of

Preliminary numbers

Expansion of handling capacities to 5 million TEU

Terminal and handling capacities at the logistics centers
logport I and logport III, which are situated on the left side
of the Rhine, were expanded in 2014. Four new gantry
cranes were commissioned in addition to the expansion of
the rail infrastructure and the enlargement of handling and
depot areas by a total of 13 hectares. The last rail crane
will go into operation at logport III in June. At that time,
there will be a total of 21 gantry cranes in the Port of
Duisburg, with a total handling capacity of 5 million TEU.

“Combined transportation will continue to be the main
growth driver in the Port of Duisburg in the future. With the
targeted expansion and development of terminal
capacities, we are creating the conditions for additional
growth. This will allow us to further consolidate our position
as the largest container handling location in Central
Europe, ” explains Staake.

Additional measures, such as the hub concept for
customers from the logistics and loading industries, which
was developed by duisport during the last few years, also
increase the attractiveness of this location. “The example
of the Dutch rail operator DistriRail, which now uses
duisport as a central hub for distributing its goods into the
European hinterland, underlines this positive development.”

Successful marketing activities to continue

Marketing performance for the past business year, which
was around 232, 000 m² (2013: 265, 000 m²), was similar to
the previous year. Following the 2013 re-activation of the
first 60, 000 m² on the coal complex taken over by the
duisport Group for the handling of imported coal, usable
space more than doubled at the beginning of 2014 to
125, 000 m². Additionally, the company entered into a longterm
partnership with HMS Bergbau AG Coal Division
(HMS) for the further development of the coal complex in
October 2014. Up to 500, 000 tonnes of additional coal a
year will be handled at this location in the future.

In March 2014, long-standing customer NYK / Yusen
Logistics moved into a new 26, 000 m² logistics center at
logport I. This is already the fourth expansion stage for
NYK / Yusen Logistics.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a
new 15, 000 m² central warehouse for the company
Benteler Distribution took place in April 2014. Once the
warehouse is completed, Benteler will have Europe’s
largest high-rack system with an area of 35, 000 m² and a
capacity of 20, 000 tonnes of pipes. Construction is slated
to be completed in the second quarter of 2015.
“The future outlook for this region lies in the efficient
networking of industry and logistics. With the development
of additional commercial and logistics areas in the
Rhine/Ruhr region, we will continue to offer our customers
an excellent connection to the multimodal duisport hub in
the coming years, ” says Staake.

Expansion of international commitment

The duisport Group continued to expand its international
service range in 2014. The company proceeded with the
development of new markets for its customers particularly
in the area of packing logistics. In the year 2014, the
company focused on expanding its activities in southern
Germany. In addition, activities in China and India were
also gradually increased. A new location in Rotterdam also
went into operation at the beginning of 2014. duisport
packing logistics (dpl) is now represented in 20 locations in
six countries, and therefore offers excellent support for its
customers in the capital goods industry for the bundling
and logistical optimization of their flows of goods.
Working with different rail operators, duisport continued to
expand its transcontinental railway connections to China
last year.

Now up to four trains a week run between
Duisburg and various destinations in China, including
Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing. Particularly the
automotive industry uses the rail connection to China to
transport automotive components to local production
locations. In addition, trains carrying finished goods from
German premium manufacturers have been running
between Duisburg and Chongqing since August 2014.

“The growth markets in Asia and neighboring European
countries are of great interest to us. We are also willing to
take a look at engagements in south-eastern Europe, ”
concludes Staake.

Duisburger Hafen AG owns and manages the Port of Duisburg, the
world’s largest inland port. For this port and logistics location, the duisport
Group offers full service packages in the area of infra- and suprastructure,
including relocation management. In addition, the subsidiaries also provide
logistics services, such as the development and optimization of transport
and logistics chains, rail freight services, building management and
packaging logistics. www.duisport.de



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