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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: 5 Key Facts About The ‘Smart’ Vessel of Tomorrow

In this week’s spotlight we present five need-to-know facts about the ‘Smart Vessel’ of tomorrow…vessels powered by smart connectivity and advanced analytical powers that are being billed as the next ‘revolution’ for all sectors of the maritime industry.

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Speed Trial Analysis Software Development First For Class Soc

ClassNK has become the world’s first classification society to develop software which analyses and calculates a ship’s speed trial results.

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Maritime Cybersecurity Faces Growing Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity in the maritime industry is facing increasing threats from hackers, according to CyberKeel, a company that focuses on maritime cybersecurity.

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ClassNK-NAPA GREEN Selected For Asian LNG Carriers

NAPA and ClassNK  have begun the installation of new performance monitoring software on an Asian LNG carrier’s fleet.

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Ternvag Tanker Claims ‘Most Sustainable Ship In Rotterdam’ Title

The Environmental Ship Index (ESI) has revealed that the Danish oil tanker, The Ternvag, was the most sustainable ship to dock in Rotterdam in 2014.

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New Marine Engines Tested and Certified to Use Ethane

Wärtsilä Corporation has announced that its 50DF marine engine has been tested and certified to run on ethane (LEG) fuel.The tests were conducted in cooperation with Danish petrochemical gases and natural gas transporter Evergas.

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