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The Shipping Markets: 1, 400 points needed for the BDI to make you smile…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our twenty-third weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015 and beyond, today Friday the 5th of June 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI, the Baltic Dry Index, was up seven points since yesterday Thursday the 4th of June standing at 610 points, which is up 21 points since last week’s 589. Will the 600 barrier remain and the 700 one is at reach?  I guess we shouldn’t count our eggs before they are thatched! The global situation and the financial crisis engulfing the world is now more than evident! Be on guard with the unexpected geopolitical changes…
  • The BCI 2014 was up 47 points since yesterday at 865 points, which is 55 points up since last week’s 810 points; a very questionable size…always volatile – remember this!
  • The BPI was up 23 points at 596 and 72 points up since last week’s 525 points. Although the best performer so far, still caution must be observed!
  • The BSI up just two points at 656  and  nine  points up since last week’s 647 points; not bad eh! and finally the
  • BHSI was down one point at 332 which on the other hand is just one  point up last week’s 331 points!

An overall “upwards” dry market… We shall see…

The wets now:

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was up  four points at 863 which is two points down since last week’s 865 points, quite a drop from the previous week when it stood …close to 1, 000 points, at 918!
  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was up seven points at 720 points which is 30 points up since last week’s 690 points!
  • The price of oil remains more or less the same at region US$ 60… despite some losses during the week… Careful with the energy jargon…

George Moundreas & Co S.A reflects in one word the situation: ” EconoPolitics” in the latest report SnP 03 06 2015, and that we might see an improvement towards the Q3 and Q4 period this year.

Allied on its 02 06 2015 report regards the scrapping activity and reshuffling in the newbuilding delivery program intensifies and assists in helping hold back the growth rate of the fleet . Will the rate of new contracting have counter effects? We shall see…

Next week we shall bring you views from UK broking houses in an effort to have a broader view from all sides..

As for the Geopolitics, same continue in a total mess, far worse than last week:

  • Top on the agenda stands Ukraine – getting, as we have predicted, from worse to worse, with an increased conflagration with respect fighting and in my humble view is that now the trouble begins! The roubles will follow and the rouble will get wet too…
  •  As we stressed last week, Greece continues a totally and unprecedented lefty loony unprofessional approach on the negos issue and Europe is basically to blame for. Obviously, as we have maintained all along, there is a first class scam against Greece!  Tonight in the Greek Parliament there is more mess to come… SYRIZA must tell the truth to its voters; equally its MP’s, who are in reality divided. They must raise to the circumstances, otherwise the guillotine will be once again introduced… end of the story. –
  • The Islamic State, the big “wonder” in military achievements, must be crashed. Those who hesitate, must be ousted, and a general with guts must take on and smash Isis. It will be too late if we don’t act swiftly here and now!
  • The Migrants issue continues…now the eastern route to Europe via Turkey and Greece is an uncompromised reality. Shame yet again!
  • Elections in Turkey; crucial too not only for the periphery but far beyond…
  • In the Far East again and the Yangtze River, the Eastern Star capsized leaving 456 unaccounted for. Only 14 survived… let’s hope others surface…
  • In Africa some more political tremors…
  • The US – Cuba affair must be promoted… Come on, I want to visit Varadero!
  • Talking about the US; by the way, the pipelines either those for oil or gas come to Greece via Turkey. Amos Hochstein , must firstly complain to the Turks and not to the Greeks for allowing these pipelines to go through Greece to Europe… fairs fair!
  • The FIFA scandal… What a mess… Shame!
Didier Bouttier, Evi Hatzidakis, Lambros Chachalis and Angel Tsiolis

Didier Bouttier, Evi Hatzidakis, Lambros Chachalis and Angelo Tsiolis

As you read these lines, the Bureau Veritas Reception is at full swing at the Ekali Club, north of Athens! In the unique environment of one of Greece’s best venues, the Greek team of Bureau Veritas entertained over 800 guests from all sectors of the maritime world – shipowners, bankers, shipbrokers, marine insurers, shipyard executives, lawyers, seafarers, marine consultants, shipmanagers, the media and others, with simplicity and style. An excellent buffet, lovely drinks and networking until late around the pool, made it more memorable; well done to all. Who wasn’t there!

Anny Zade and Vasso Yannioti

Anny Zade with BV’s Vasso Yannioti

After the successful AGM in Chios island two weeks ago, it seems Bureau Veritas’ marketing department leads the way to success as business is on the increase despite fierce competition! It is these social business shipping events which continue to raise the moral, not only of the Greeks, but all in the shipping industry given one of the worse shipping crisis.

From the DNV GL Greek China event

From the DNV GL Greek China event

Earlier on today, and as you have might possibly seen in other reporting in the site,  in the Far East, the Greek Shipping Day III was held in Nanjing; thanks to DNV GL and the Greek/Chinese society there, the success was more than great; important too…

One has to observe and value the fact that ever since the days of  chairman Mao Zedong, the Greek-Chinese relationships in most fronts, particularly in shipping, have risen ten-fold! It is time though for more mutual benefit if one wants this relationship to go further, given what takes place in the world today and geopolitics being the name of the game! Going a bit …backwards, one has to remember the flourishing Greek Community  there as well as in the entire Far East (1800 – 1960)…

Danae Bezantakos receiving her award from Costas Michalos

Danae Bezantakos receiving her award from Costas Michalos


and finally, Danae D. Bezantakos clinched yet another award for her involvement, achievements and furthering as a woman the shipping business to all intents and purposes, despite the fact that there are some morons down-town in Athens Constitution Square/Parliament, wanting to destroy our champions business and world  acclaimed shipping success! Have you read the Greek newspapers today? Shame!

After suggesting Chios and Samos Islands in the Eastern Aegean, do  visit  the Saronic Gulf ones, starting from Spetsae, Greece’s Belle Époque Island!

You can also view the live video here below:

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