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US-UK Fulbright Commission and Lloyd’s of London Announce the Extension and Expansion of the Fulbright – Lloyd’s of London Awards

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Lloyds Fulbright 2015Thursday 23 Jul 2015 – The US-UK Fulbright Commission and Lloyd’s are pleased to announce the extension and expansion of the Fulbright – Lloyd’s of London Awards for academics and professionals to carry out risk related research in the US.  (source: Lloyd’s of London)

The partnership has been continued for another three years from the 2016/17 academic year and, in addition to two Fulbright – Lloyd’s of London Scholar Awards, a new award at Postgraduate level will be funded.

The recipients of the Fulbright – Lloyd’s of London Scholar Awards for 2015-16 are:

  • Dr Hannah Nissan from Imperial College London, who will undertake a year-long research project into climate change projections and their impact on decision making in African countries at Columbia University’s Earth Institute
  • Dr Liam Wren-Lewis, currently at the Paris School of Economics, who will spend five months at UC- Berkeley analysing public-private partnerships for weather insurance in underinsured countries.
  • Dr Sarah Fox from Coventry University, who will spend six months researching the relationship between airlines and governments at DePaul University in Chicago.

British academics wishing to conduct research into any area associated with risk – climate change, insurance, geographic information systems, political risk and trade disruption, social media to name but a few – have the opportunity to study in the USA courtesy of Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation who sponsors this Fulbright Award. The award not only offers the funding to study for up to 12 months in a top higher education institute in the US, but also gives the recipient access to the global Fulbright programme with its distinctive enrichment opportunities and scholar benefits package.

The awardees will join the global alumni network and will return to the UK with enhanced skills, new contacts and fresh ideas.

Adding to the ongoing success of the Scholar level award, The Commission and Lloyd’s are delighted to announce a new award at Postgraduate level that offers support to those wishing to undertake a Master’s degree in any areas associated with the risk business in the US.

Amy Moore, Awards Director of the Fulbright Commission said: “It is wonderful that our partnership with Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation continues to flourish, and we are thrilled to extend this exciting opportunity to students pursuing postgraduate study.”

Dominic Christian, Chairman of Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation, said: “Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation has been supporting academic research for over 25 years and we are delighted to be continuing our partnership with the Fulbright Commission and to launch this new award to advance research into subjects related to the risk business.”

Applications for the new award, and for the next round of the Scholar awards for 2016-17 open on 1 August 2015.  The closing date for applications is 6 November 2015.

About the US-UK Fulbright Commission: The US-UK Fulbright Commission was created by treaty on 22 September 1948. The Fulbright Commission offers grants at postgraduate and postdoctoral level for study in any discipline and at any accredited institution in the US and UK, as well as a number of special exchanges programmes for shorter projects or for younger scholars. Prominent alumni of the Fulbright Programme include poet Sylvia Plath, Charles Kennedy MP, journalist and author and Commissioner Toby Young and the economist and noble prize winner Milton Friedman.

About the Fulbright Awards Programme: Each year, the Commission supports UK and US citizens to study, lecture, conduct research or focus on professional development at leading institutions in the US and UK respectively. Nearly 300, 000 extraordinary women and men from all over the world have had their lives changed as participants in the Fulbright Programme. Of these alumni, approximately 15, 000 UK nationals have studied in the US and nearly 12, 000 US nationals in the UK on our educational exchange programmes.

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