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Egypt’s vital waterway to expand shipping further

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WP_20150806_007The new expanded Suez Canal was today delivered to sea-traffic in one of Egypt’s most important events in this millennium. 

With the presence of many world leaders, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi inaugurated the new parallel passage offering a two-way traffic along part of the route, as well as for larger tonnage. The construction of the new lane began a year ago,  on the orders of  president Sisi and the cost reached US$ 8, 5 billion with a projected revenue of US$ 13, 2 billion by 2023 – some analysts have opposing views, but we believe that this expansion will benefit not only the Egyptian economy but that of many other nations, particularly the Med/Europe/Black Sea ones!

The importance of this Canal which serves humanity since 1869 is incalculable. Together with the Panama Canal, if needed, they can always change the route of history (geopolitics etc)  and trade.  Both Canals have specialist sized ships after their names: Suezmax and Panamax…

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