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Hot Port News from GAC

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United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali
Australia, all ports
Turkey, Turkish Straits
Brazil, all ports
Panama, Panama Canal
Changes to pilot boarding procedure
August 12, 2015, United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali
DP World has advised changes to the procedure at Jebel Ali port for pilot boarding container ships for departure, as follows:1) A notice of 2 hours followed by another of an hour and another of 30 minutes will be given to the vessel prior to completion of cargo by the operations team. The same will be signed by the vessel crew.2) Berth planning will directly coordinate with the marine planning team for pilot boarding.


3) The pilot will board the vessel prior to the completion of the cargo operation and the vessel should be ready to sail in all aspects once the operation is completed.


The procedure has been implemented to reduce sailing delays.


For information about operations in Dubai contact GAC Dubai at dubai@gac.com

Asian Gypsy Moth vessel assessment & inspection
August 12, 2015, Australia, all ports
Australia’s Department of Agriculture has advised that it is not conducting a heightened surveillance regime for Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) between 15 July and 31 October, as in recent years.In its Import Industry Advise Notice 59/2015, the department states that instead, vessels that have visited an AGM risk seaport during the 2015 flight season will be risk-assessed by the department for their arrival in Australian ports between January and May 2016. These arrangements are being conducted as a pilot scheme only for 2016.This trial follows a scientific review that identified opportunities to improve existing arrangements for AGM vessel assessment and inspections likely to further minimise the likelihood of disruption to vessel itineraries.


Reporting requirements for AGM risk vessels that have visited Russian Far East ports, as per Question 5 on the Quarantine Pre-Arrival Report (QPAR), will continue to apply as a legal requirement (Quarantine Requirements 2000) and the reports subject to assessment by the department.


Vessel masters should continue to remain vigilant for exotic insects and report detections to the department.


The department has developed a pest alert brochure to assist vessel masters and crew to detect hitchhiking pests of biosecurity concern, such as AGM. The pest alert brochure can be found on the departmental website at www.agriculture.gov.au/import/cargo/pests/asian-gypsy-moth


For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

Engine malfunction in Bosphorus
August 12, 2015, Turkey, Turkish Straits
A 131 metre Malta-flagged vessel suffered an engine malfunction around the 3. bridge area of the Bosphorus this morning (12 August).Coastal safety immediately sent a tug to assist.The Bosphorus was already closed for transit traffic due to works on 3. bridge and M/V Mehmet Bey is being taken to a secure area.


For information about operations in the Turkish Straits, contact GAC Istanbul at turkey@gac.com

Auditors & import/export supervisors’ strike continues
August 12, 2015, Brazil, all ports
The nationwide strike by Brazil’s IRS Auditors and import & export supervisors continues today and will continue at least until tomorrow (13 August).New information confirms that all activity by auditors and the tax analysts of the Port of Itajaí will also be at a standstill until at least tomorrow, when a meeting will be held in a bid to end the strike.As a result, there will be no customer service from the IRS employees at the port today nor tomorrow.


For information about operations in Brazil contact GAC Brazil at brazil@gac.com

Canal draft restriction
August 12, 2015, Panama, Panama Canal
As stated in the Advisory No. A-24-2015, effective September 8, 2015, the maximum authorized transit draft for the Panama Canal is being set at 11.89 meters (39.0 feet) Tropical Fresh Water (TFW).This date is based on projections that the level of Gatun Lake will fall below the minimum operating level without draft restrictions of 24.02 meters (78.80 feet).The Gatun Lake level as of 0700 hours August 11, 2015 was 24.46 meters (80.23 feet).


This restriction is further defined by stating that:

1. Vessels loaded prior to August 11, 2015, to a draft over 11.89 meters (39.0 feet) will be waived for transit, subject to safety considerations.

2. Vessels loaded on or after August 11, 2015, must comply with the restriction and may be required to trim, or offload cargo.


The 28 days of warning is specifically directed at vessels that are loading in distant ports to adjust their cargo loading plans, allowing them to comply with the draft restriction once they complete their lengthy trip and arrive to Panama Canal waters.


Vessels may load to drafts deeper than 11.89 meters (39.0 feet) up to 12.04 meters (39.5 feet) after August 11, 2015 provided that they transit prior to September 8, 2015.


Additionally, vessels that finish loading before August 11, 2015, may be allowed to transit with a TFW of up to 12.04 meters (39.5 feet), subject to safety considerations.


Vessels that load to drafts over 11.89 meters (39.0 feet) after August 11, 2015 and are scheduled to transit on or after September 8, 2015, may be denied transit and may be required to trim or offload cargo, depending on the actual level of Gatun lake at the time of the transit.


If the lake level allows the transit of vessels at a draft deeper than announced, they will be allowed to transit despite not complying with the loading deadline.


Although this is not the first time that the Panama Canal has imposed draft restrictions, it is the first time this far into the rainy season. This unusual situation increases the degree of difficulty in accurately forecasting the level of Gatun Lake several weeks in advance, as it has to predict the amount of rain that will fall in the Canal’s watershed in order to determine the maximum allowable TFW transit draft.


Based on this, keep in mind that further restrictions may be imposed, depending on future projections of the Gatun Lake level.


For information about operations in the Panama Canal contact GAC-Wilford & McKay at gac-wilfordmckay.panama@gac.com

GAC Bunker Fuels Ltd Pricing Alert
Market Price Update 12/08/15
Aberdeen 0 0 324.00 0
Aden 420.00 400.00 880.00 0
Alexandria 600.00 550.00 1, 000.00 0
Antwerp 295.00 251.00 444.00 0
Aqaba 0 530.00 840.00 0
Bahrain 0 0 531.00 0
Bergen 0 0 493.00 0
Busan 313.00 296.00 488.00 478.00
Cape Town 365.00 0 575.00 0
Colombo 375.00 370.00 610.00 0
Dubai/Sharjah/Rak 337.00 307.00 470.00 0
Durban 308.00 0 612.00 0
Falmouth 0 319.00 583.00 0
Fujairah 285.00 275.00 695.00 0
Gibraltar 360.00 298.00 494.00 0
Hambantota 0 0 0 0
Houston 451.00 243.00 494.00 0
Istanbul 304.00 284.00 506.00 0
Jeddah 305.00 300.00 735.00 0
Kuwait 0 300.00 800.00 0
Labuan 0 0 0 0
Las Palmas 305.00 288.00 504.00 0
Malta 278.00 260.00 473.00 0
Mumbai 0 315.00 737.00 0
New York/New Jersey 355.00 275.00 508.00 0
Panama 323.00 283.00 549.00 0
Piraeus 326.00 305.00 488.00 0
Port Louis 401.00 399.00 590.00 0
Port Said 750.00 650.00 1, 000.00 0
Qatar 0 0 760.00 0
Richards Bay 330.00 0 0 0
Rio de Janeiro 299.00 274.00 698.00 0
Rotterdam 292.00 251.00 443.00 0
Salalah 415.00 365.00 765.00 0
Santos 295.00 271.00 723.00 0
Seychelles 0 0 715.00 0
Shanghai 370.00 293.00 636.00 0
Singapore 271.00 261.00 447.00 0
St Petersburg 215.00 201.00 460.00 0
Suez 525.00 340.00 875.00 0
West Africa – Abidjan 483.00 387.00 628.00 0
West Africa – Lome 0 387.00 628.00 0
West Africa – Luanda 400.00 383.00 618.00 0
GAC Bunker Fuels is an ISO9001 certified global broker and trader of marine fuels and lubricants. The prices listed are for indication purposes only. Contact our offices or Martyn McMahon at +971-56 603 2534 / martyn.mcmahon@gac.com quoting HPN for your bunker enquiry.

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