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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our thirty-ninth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015 and beyond, tonight Friday the 25th of September 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI, the Baltic Dry Index, closed up 21 points since yesterday Thursday the 24th of September at 943 points which is 27 points down since last week’s 960 points!! Volatility at its best given that the overall rise in the BDI index was due to the capers!!!! …Still too far apart from December’s 2013 closing at 2, 274 points; a 1, 331 points difference…. A very reflecting number if you see same through the mirror – try and see what we mean as it continues to be the most favourable momentum to buy tonnage of any kind, particularly order newbuildings!
  • The BCI 2014 was 113 points up since yesterday at 2, 024 points which is also 29 points plus since last week’s closing at 1, 995 points. Be careful with the capers…
  • The BPI was seven points down at 744 which is 29 points down since last week’s 773 points.-
  • The BSI was five points down  since yesterday at 733 which is also 29 points down since last week’s closing at 762 points; and,
  • The BHSI was also down, but only three points since yesterday at 408 points which is 18 points down since last week’s 426 points. We repeat our CAUTION: dry markets are volatile and the world economy in tatters…
  • The wets now: the Dirties and its BDTI index were eight points up at 705 points which is 43 points up since last week’s 658 points.-
  • The Cleans and its respective BCTI was also up ten points at 534 points which is 12 points plus since last week’s 522 points.-  A slightly “better” situation here… We shall see!
  • The price of oil continues to stand in the region US$ 45. with a bit of an upwards trend…

The Geopolitics front continues far worse and blur since last week…:

  • The Migrants drama proved once again per our assessments so far – you can find them all herein, the inability of the European Union for a coherent policy! Simply shame!!!! Shame as one supposes a union with powerful states – four G7 members France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, and values to be able and pursue a humane policy here and now, as the architects of this disaster due to their projected policy in the Middle East (Syria and other war-torn nations) made it a complete mess! Turkey still plays games…; Terrorists continue to enter Europe… shame! The Syrian affair changes and Russia will have a very strong say, but same will be in co-operation of US, France and Britain…
  • The Greek elections’ result will create more headaches for all –  unless all involved leave aside petty party politics and take into consideration the 45 centum of the Greek voters who abstained from casting their vote! Things are in the brink of an explosion if there is not a complete haircut of the Greek Debt. Whatever you do, this is an unsustainable morphoma…an amorphous swelling bubble ready to burst…  Catharsis too within Greece and in Europe might be the only solution, so Europe pays the real damage. We repeat that Europe’s leaders, and in particular the German ones, are to blame for this situation, as Catharsis mentioned once again above will send many to prison… The Volkswagren scandal strengthens our position and the Greek one that Germany has sceletons in her cupboard… That Germany before going berserk with taxing the Greek shipowners must have a look in her own arsenal… The Augean Stables of Germany must have until next year a spring cleaning… The SYRIZA/ANEL coalition government must make or break this time; last chance for all, remember this! The end is niche…
  • Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party over here; let’s see what he can do as times have changed and no monolithic leader of any party has a place in politics today affecting locals and international issues…
  • In Ukraine, things continue to be messy…and expect now more mess if you add the financial ratings and the selective bankruptcy situation this country is in!
  • China’s slow down, already sends shocking waves around the globe….caution… What will the Chinese do with their Shipbuilding Industry? China is not Japan, nor South Korea! The Chinese are to take over Kumport off Istanbul; they failed to understand that Kavala in Northern Greece is by far the best location for what they want, which also ensures peace in the region together with the pipelines once same are pragmatically “allocated” for the benefit of all! On another tone lest see what will be the real outcome of China’s President Xi Jinping first ever state visit in Washington!
  • The Islamic State must be stopped. END OF THE STORY. Why are we “afraid” in the West to send the ground forces which will, in harmonious cooperation with the Air Force and the Navy smash the Islamic Terrorists for ever?
  • The World Maritime Day at the IMO with Maritime Education and Training being the theme of the year was more than a success!!! Many Congratulations for all those involved for making same the event of events! We must invest in Maritime Education and Training; and by the way: Training ships are needed!!! You get the message, particularly all those down town Akti Miaouli!
  • Singapore suffers from smog, very dangerous for all there. Time to short this out with Indonesia; its about time! It has become a terrible “anniversary”; unbearable!
  • Troubles for Spain…? What will be the result in Catalonia’s voting? Sunday night / early Monday morning we will know… It is the Supermoon too coming up…
  • Vicky Pryce’s presentation on Greece at London’s Hellenic Centre was also another triumph for Vicky and for the public a rare moment to hear some home truths thanks to the Macedonian Society of Great Britain!
  • Foresights’ CEO Anil Deshpande’s speech at IMIF’s event last Thursday on “Where would you invest next? A Foresight View” , at Quantum’s auditorium become the talk of the Square Mile!
  • Danish Maritime Technology Conference during Danish Maritime Days in Copenhagen 7-10 October is coming up! Have a log on in our UPCOMING Events and see what’s coming up!
  • Capital Link’s City of London event on the 7th of October with this great theme and an excellent line of speakers on Shipping, Marine Services and Offshore will be the forum of forums!
  • Finally, the 70th regular session of the General Assembly at the UN in New York is on (25-27 September) and lets see what the 193 member states and their leaders  will come up given the mess the world is now in all fronts!!! The worse mess since the UN begun its operations!

We continue to invite the world visiting Greece and its Islands; that will counter as a plus to the troubles Greece and its people are going through. Greece is for all seasons! The Turkish Government by allowing the traffickers to move the migrants to  the Greek Islands not only spoils Greece’s tourism but will eventually create the worst explosion in the East Med…Try Symi and Astypalea, excellent for sea-food!.  Otherwise, do try Copenhagen for a change, a great place to unwind at the Jutland peninsular!!! By the way, remind you that this coming Sunday is the World Tourism Day which begun in 1980 by the  UNWTO!

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