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Reload Greece: We Google! 3 Days left

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On Saturday… We Google!
Have you bought your tickets yet? If not, read below to find out more about our speakers. While you read we urge you to think:
– What industry is in need of disruption?
Dimitris went after the Agriculture Industry. Despite the innovativeness of “Γίνε Αγρότης” and the fact that his service was 70% cheaper than any other supermarket or grocery store, Dimitris had to pivot his business model and create Farmers Republic due to the weather!! Read more here.
– What would you do if you had the chance to save a human life by doing what you already do everyday?
Andrea,  is an Italian who studied in Paris and ended up in London to setup a search engine (with the help of a Software Engineer in Greece) similar to Yahoo! and Google, which gives its users the possibility to help people in need of drinkable water! Find out more here.
– What would you do if your startup didn’t have the traction you wanted?
Alex and Greg closed down shop in Greece and opened their Weengs to London. “You can fail again and again, till you succeed. When you fail, you get invaluable experience. And when you succeed – just once is enough – you get the life of your dreams”. Find out more here.
Do you think you have an idea that can answer the questions above the way our amazing speakers did? Join us to get inspired, share your idea and get feedback from our mentors and fellow Reloaders.
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On Saturday, We Google! What about you?Keep Reloading!
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