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A holiday message whilst 2015 begins to end…

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Amsterdam Museum (Amsterdams Historisch Museum)

The long Festive Season for both Christmas and New Year, both major days falling on a Friday this year, gives a better chance to all to enjoy better these religious and social universal events! Our team, as you will see from other videos and reports, crossed over in Europe, and in particular in France, Belgium and The Netherlands; John Faraclas on behalf of all at ALLBOUTSHIPPING.CO.UK., reports in our last for the year 2015 52nd market recap, geopolitics affecting same and a Season’s message:

In this message we stress the issue of the ailing world economy, and conversely the stranded freight market and respectve indices,  the respect of the society and in particular of the politicians towards the shipping industry and offers the chance to salute our seafarers on board the ships criss-crossing, non-stop, Planet  Oceans sea-lanes. Also a mentioning of the Migrants and Peace on Earth, given the multi-conflicts and terrorists despicable actions taking place and the incapability of the politicians and diplomats as well as the religious leaders to stop them.

Lastly the Markets from the BDI’s  483 points down/ stranded with the 24th of December’s  478 points level, are to be studied as the situation looks bleak. Despite optimism, reality hurts!

Let’s have a happy New Year and back again live after the New Year! Good Health above all!

Viewers can log herebelow and see teh live short video by Anny Zade:

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