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The BDI at 383: as sure eggs is eggs*

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The Baltic ExchangeNo blah blah; the repercussions of the collapsed market can be found in the statements of all companies’ CEOs today and in the days to come before 90 centum are sold down the river… These are actions and statements in panic.- (full stop and period).

So now we are in the most critical phase of the entire shipping saga – add the ides of geopolitics,  and only the very few will go through, not just ahead. Shipping companies, listed or unlisted, traditional ones, “new-kids-in-the-block ones”, liner or tramp ones, off-springs of major oil producers  and others who failed to understand how important is…err was the use of genetic engineering as a type of analysis promising new insights in the area of risk taking, decision making and success will pay the damage.

Anyway, here we are today standing at 383 for the BDI, that’s down 11 since yesterday; minus 20 for the Capes’ BCI, down 11 for the BPI – that is the Panamax index (I am hopeful there); minus 10 for the BSI and another wreckage, the BHSI down three at 247 (two for seven)- this is the new deals on S and P for newbuildings!

Cold shower  for the wets too, although the oil sage has its climatic advantages… The last published BDTI and BCTI where standing at 929 (minus 28) and 717 (minus 1) respectively. Try to say this phonetically! Humour is a good ingredient countering and healing many issues!

NB.: Always remember that “to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”; try to interpret this in the current shipping situation!

*An undisputable fact!

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