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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

When last Friday I used the expression, “ ‘Thanks’ to the Capers …” you might have thought that I live in another word; no, not at all. The entire team here anticipates the gravity of the words as well as the situation in global shipping markets hence the wording, and same proved correct, even for today. John Faraclas’ daily market briefing:

The BDI remained at 354 points, again thanks to the capers which got a plus of 25 points, a balancing “act” given the fall of all other indices. The BPI was down nine points at 325, the BSI down eight at 350 and the BHSI another two at 231 points.

The wets too and the last published BDTI and BCTI clocked 859 points, that’s minus 11 and 686 respectively, no change since last Friday 22 January 2016 for the cleans.

The price of oil pocces more risks given the way OPEC handles the case with the non-Opec members. The Brent just a whisker above the US$ 30 but the WTI dropped a few cents below the US$ 30 mark…

Messy geopolitics to can make the entire markets situation even worsr. The year of the Monkey means also monkey business…in politics all over the Planet Ocean.

Remain on guard is one thing. Can you go against the state’s preference on how you contact your business? Things are changing…

Be careful of what the Migrants issue brings. Be on alert for any kind of Terrorists, business or otherwise. The Financial Markets do not represent the reality. We live in interesting times. Take cover or if you can, do flex your  business muscles to go further as stagnation might cause other effects.

Out there there is only one market, a better market coming up, although for the very few, that’s  a fact as optimism and good planning coupled with an acceptable and pragmatic balance sheet is the name of the game forward. Forward is the only way for the future and shipping business survival, and we wish good luck to all  those who can achieve it as they do deserve same!

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