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@ 310 the BDI looks to settle

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The Baltic ExchangeJohn Faraclas reports on the state of the shipping markets:

Another all-time record low of the BDI at 310, four points lower since yesterday!

The Capers’ BCI 2014 gained two points posing at 217 whilst the Panamaxes and its respective BPI  staying  the same at 281… The Supras  went further down 10 points clocking298 whilst the BHSI dropped four reaching  close to the threshold of 200 points at 204!

The Wet’s  down too; the BDTI two points down at 815 and the BCTI down ten at 635 points. Volatility appearing here for the first time…

The price of oil (WTI) remains below the US$ 30, Brent lost too standing at US$ 32  and it remains to be seen what the traders will do about it before the price gets affected by geopolitical events;  caution. Already the Feast feels the shock.

Overall shares dropped; not a nice sign…

Warnings continue from the stock-markets with listed shipping companies and let’s see how many will go unscathed…

Let’s hope we are close to the bottom,  an indication of hope.  The turnaround on both dries and wets still to come, but the capable ones will proceed further with new constructions!

In the meantime we can hear the drums of war, both in the field and in data-banks: an economic collapse is ante portas! We have warned you long ago, take cover, as “it’ll rain tomorrow, as sure as eggs is eggs”!

Interestingly, VesselsValue produced a great Red report as Dry Bulk is in the pits; log on herebelow and have a careful read:

Red Report – Dry Bulk is in the pits

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