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At 303 the BDI is a buyers buyers market!

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The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange

Alilouilah the BDI  approaches its destruction level of dropping below the 300 threshold!

A buyers market and why not, subject you have you finances in order. A calculated mass order of capers can see you gain half a billion dollars if you order say 10 super Capers at US$ 20mio each down US$ 50 each from the US$ 70mio, eh, not bad. These are the deals which can bring you to the forefront of events and make not just headlines, but mucho monies when you order ten!

This can apply to all dry tonnage more or less.

So down seven points earlier on today and the BSDI make waves at 303 points. The BCI down eight approaches one again the 200 points barrier at 209.The panamaxes gained, hurray hurray two points clocking 284 points. Supras and Handies each lost nine points and standing at 280 and 203 respectively… bad times for the hoi polloi!

The Wets too lost a bit with the last published BDTI and BCTI standing at 808 and 625 that is to say minus seven and ten points respectively!

The WTI got one centum up and that is now just above the US$ 32 whilst the Brent reached US$ 35, 44 ! The USDollar dives under a very big question mark…

Obviously from the Boom of June 2008 of 11, 794 points to the Gloom of 303 and a Global Economy beginning to crack, let’s see who can navigate past the Cape… Consumer and Investors’ confidence begins, wrongfully, to crack too. In my view NOEW is the time to invest!

China messy as ever, sends mixed messages and Russian warns that the new Kremlin leaders are here to stay; nothing is going to change their minds. Add the unpredictable US elections where the start was messy too and let’s see how Donald Trump can make or break and Hillary Clinton whether she does the big surprise. All this with Syria holding the key of world peace and robust economy – wonder if he London summit will be a success to all intents and purposes. You see having the Iraq and Libya disasters, not to mention the Palestinian saga and the Afghan adventure we are sliding to war. Ukraine plays with fire and Turkey must come to age, as this time will face the music. Handing over three billion to the Turks for the 2refugees” doesn’t end the roubles nor this is solution. One has to do the right think and only the right thing with the Migrants and simultaneously finish of with terrorists. If not expect, the unexpected. Europe must show zero tolerance vis-à-vis the Migrants issue.

All these geopolitical issues surely affect the shipping markets; or don’t they…

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