Home Markets Extended uncertainty keeps the BDI @ 329

Extended uncertainty keeps the BDI @ 329

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The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange

Two keys better than one… err two points plus better than none… to paraphrase the old maxim.

With the Caspesize losing three  points dropping at 174 and the Panamaxes gaining two now at 354, the opening day of the week and the last of the month included “mixed” feelings!

The Supras up six at 339 and the Handies’ BHSI with another two at 214 the dry market is still at the bottom; an ideal market for acquisitions!

The wets on a downwards trend with the last published BDTI and BCTI now standing at 740 (-11) and 516 (minus three) the situ here is also bleak…

The price of oil (WTI) at region US$ 33 plays too another significant role…

The layups continue and the bankruptcies are looming in the background! Some fleets look likely to change hands, but suitors will possibly acquire them at another 40 centum off. Nothing makes sense in this market. A very perplexed situation.

On the geopolitical front the Migrants issue might create more frictions in Europe and the world at large. Hypocrisy from some European States will one day become a boomerang! Just wait and see. Let’s see who has the guts to stop the Migrants “coming” from Turkey.

The Syrian truce is very fragile and let’s hope that this time the proxy war will end or else for the entire region.

The US election fever sees Hillary Clinton on the course to get the Democratic  nomination; many says with or without Trump in the final clash, she will be the winner.

Awaiting for China’s positive business response as the Chinese markets tumble again and Japan’s counters for the real economic dominance in the region.

Ukraine still in limbo.

The energy issues will create another world economy.

Defaltion engulfs Eurozone yet again. The BREXIT issue is a fallacy! Those wanted to destroy the European Union hyde behind the BREXIT. Let’s have it then! Let’s have a GREXIT too! Come on guys and dolls; are you ready to finish off what our forefathers begun?  Dare if you wish!

Despite all the above, still maintaining that this is the best market to acquire tonnage; the best ever buyers’ market!

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