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2016 Annual Statistical Data on Greek Controlled Shipping

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Αn information paper based on data provided to the GSCC by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping – Fairplay

For the 29th consecutive year the GSCC presents statistical data, in the form of 11 tables, attached hereto, on Greek controlled ships over 1, 000 GT, registered under the Greek and other flags. The data has been provided by Lloyd’s Register – Fairplay. The following is a short analysis, prepared by the Secretariat, of the data provided. Viewers can log herebelow and read this short analysis data and info:

Greek Controlled Shipping 2016 (1)

A more detailed view can also been seen in the attached ZIP which includes all tables separately; viewers can log herebelow: 1000 GT 2015 (2)


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Suzanne Brincat Dowdall August 17, 2016 - 3:25 PM

Hi, It has come to my attention that the tables which are attached as collectively named 1000GT 2015 (2) above are referring to data up to March 2015 whilst the report is up to March 2016. Is this correct, or is there another more recent set of tables? It seems a bit odd to me…

Kindly confirm


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