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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With 111 points plus, since the historic rock bottom of the 10th of February – nearly 42 days ago, the dry markets are far worse than expected, far worse than the reports… These 401 BDI points today (plus three since yesterday) and the chaotic world economy and geopolitics are a double warning for the hoi polloi who despite the warnings believe that they can follow the few capable and go ahead; wrong! John Faraclas reports:

Shipping is changing slowly slowly and in my view the technological and managerial, not to mention ownership reforms are much needed.

The capers were up ten points at 196, the Panamaxes another three points standing now at 458; the Supras’ BSI at 468 (plus four) and the BHSI got two points closing at 266 points. All in all a plus day for all dry sectors!

The wets both down, with the last published BDTI and BCTI now standing at 819 and 499 – that is 29 and two points down respectively…

The price of WTI remains close to US$40…

All the eyes are in Panama, expecting to see in late June the opening of the new Panama Canal. That will contribute to a certain extent in improving the rates; it is still early days, we shall see.

Unless we see the BDI above the 2, 000 do not attempt to do anything if you don’t millons of dollars to support you!

The World Economy and conversely the Trade remains in a bad state, so that affects the industry; expect more bankruptcies. Expect also shipping scandals to surface.

Despte all the above, we reiterate the view that this is the best time to invest in shipping if you are substantially powerfull and eliminate appropriately, but ethically though your compatitors!

On the Geopolitical front now:

We hope that the EU will adopt a robust policy on terrorism, saw zero tolerance and arrest asap many moles, as otherwise expect the mess to spill over…

Europe leaders must saw solidarity and abandon silly biased petty politics. Being politically and religiously correct is one thing; counting dead, injured people, incalculable damage and trying to reduce the repercussions is yet another; w a k e   up!

The ISIS murderers and all their accomplices must be eliminated here and now; a military offensive must also take place on the ground and make it an example so these culprits never ever raise their heads above the ground; their accomplices too.

The events in Brussels yesterday morning should wake up all of us and fight terrorism, any type of terrorism here and now. The intelligence services should also name and same members of various governments being involved or supporting terrorism; they dead well know who they are but politics, dirty politics prohibit them so far. It comes to no surprise to us to read the “mistakes” of security forces and government agencies, or their “naiveness” – particularly in Europe, who do not exhaust all means and methods to bring them into justice, these bastards manage one way or another to avoid arrest and prosecution, and now we all know the result.

The Islamic brotherhood in Europe must end or the public finish them off; enough! We fear that the public will asymmetrically also counter attack without discrimination and there is going to be blood in the streets. Expect reprisals out of the blue; patience has been exhausted…

The role of Intelligent Services is to expose plots and not to let Terrorist organisation of any type grow and or their members escape/ get off scot-free.  We are now faced with big dilemmas following continues attacks in Europe in the aftermath of September 11. Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow and other cities have all suffered from these bastards, these inhumane creatures and their accomplices. For a start, too many left Europe to go and fight in Syria alone. Now don’t tell me they couldn’t be contained and stopped; come on!

The same applies for years now with Turkey and its pathetic authorities who keep on purpose a blind eye and allowed, with our toleration, over a million to enter via Europe and harm firstly Greece and then all other European Nations; yet silly politics and the Turkofiles survived, shame. Time will tell and nemesis always takes its revenge; you bet! Remind you that this latest “deal” on the Migrants issue, is null and void from its start. Again, time will tell. This is not a deal; this is pure nonsense! How come Turkey “cannot” protect its sea and land frontiers?

Safeguard all airport terminals here and now; there is no excuse! We have said this yesterday! We must step up security to ports and terminals and safeguard shipping, as you never ever know what these culprits can do.

We are using a strong language on purpose to alert all involved in safeguarding our society and our business, that is shipping. As we missed the point to bring them down to their senses, we are left now with the only option that is to bring them down to their knees. Be on guard.

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