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Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel – Where Art meets with the Aegean Sea

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Stunning views...

Stunning views…

Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel – Where Art meets with the Aegean Sea

The perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing and stylish getaway to Astypalea Island in Greece.

Kallichoron is located in the picturesque village of Chora and offers sweeping views of the island’s landscape, including the majestic Venetian castle, the famous old white windmills and the boundless Aegean Sea. During your stay, you will experience friendly and outstanding hospitality combined with a plethora of luxury amenities.

The apartments are characterized by comfort and elegance with each room offering self-catering and organic amenities by Apivita, local treats and a useful guide to the beauties of the island. With spacious family rooms and verandas, along with friendly service, you will enjoy a relaxing and hopefully have a truly unforgettable vacation.

Tranquility at its best

Tranquility and tradition at its best

Astypalea is a great destination for kids and adults alike with endless beaches and land to explore. Combining architectural elements from both Cyclades and Dodecanese, Astypalea has well-preserved its traditions.

It’s not just the island that makes for beautiful surroundings; the hotel itself is an innovative forum for artists. This year, Kallichoron welcomes the beautiful work of the contemporary artist, Eva Divari. Eva’s work is featured throughout the hotel to visually engage and inspire the guests.

One of the hotel’s highlights is the “Grandma’s breakfast”. Every morning, guests can enjoy a selection of thyme honey, local cheese and fresh eggs from our Grandma’s yard, as well as homemade jams made from organic fruits – all locally sourced.

Reflections not to be missed

Reflections not to be missed

The breakfast is curated by the dietician-nutritionist Mary Micheli, MSc, who has created some authentic Greek breakfast combinations as well as providing some healthy and low-fat options. While you can always make your own breakfast choices from the menu, the variety of traditional delicacies and the assorted breakfast choices is the best introduction to the Astypalean cuisine.

On the wellness front, Kallichoron invites the Greek-Spanish body conscience and movement instructor Denise Perdikidis to introduce guests to a different way to sense wellness. Denise will help you enjoy an unforgettable experience of relaxation and body alignment techniques through outdoor activities by the sea.

So are you still wondering where to go for your next holiday?

Don’t miss the themed excursions that Kallichoron hosts throughout the year to help guests explore the beautiful surroundings, the wondrous nature, the local traditions and tastes of Astypalea.


Kallichoron_Logo_transpVisit www.kallichoron.gr  to plan your Astypalean holiday now.

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