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The BDI’s 560 points: a fiver plus is more than welcomed…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Just five points up, a single digit figure from the last closings of double digits; John Faraclas suggests caution but expansionism too…

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) closed just five points up at 560; every plus figure is more than appreciated! The Capers slowed down with only 11 points up (yesterday 77, last Friday 98)…and the respective BCI 2014 standing now at 744.

The Panamaxes and its BPI with the very interesting number/figure, that of 666*, up 12… The Supras and Handies, BSI and BHSI where plus six and two points respectively – BSI@498 and BHSI@290 points, but still too low.

So all in all an upwards dry market, but caution, caution, caution should be observed!

The Wets with a slightly change; the Dirties were plus 3 (BDTI@775) and the Cleans stayed the same (BCTI@498) …

The price of oil (WTI) now making waves at the US$ 40 plus…

The Geopolitics front sends shocking waves everywhere. Be prepared for everything!We are living in interesting times! Despite all these happenings – we have analysed them all over our lat reports in great depth, this is hte most favourable market to expand! A great Buyers’ Market subject you have ample funds available!

Have a nice evening!

* Don’t be afraid though as the 666 is for the wrong superstitious and real agnostics,  as 666 ιs a great number to know of; it might be a coincidental issue – you never ever know. The real text in Greek from the Revelations’ last verse 13 is: χξς’ or 600, 60, 6.  Try and learn a bit and then try to interpret same with the market…

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Yannis Voudouris April 13, 2016 - 6:27 AM

Dear Mr Faraklas
We daily visit your blog to be informed about the rates and your analyses.
Perhaps, a good idea would be to right an analysis on the corporate responsibility of the shipping firms with regard to the employment crisis that affects young people that wish to work in the sector.

Have a nice evening as well


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