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The BDI on the 9th day of the month*

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Not a nice start for the Markets as the BDI drops 16 points now reading 616; John Faraclas brief Market and Geopolitics report:

*The Greeks have a word…err a phrase for it: “And it’s the 9th day of the month” (καί ο μήνας έχει εννιά), so be it!

The Capers lost 55 points bringing the BCI 2014 down to 837 points; not nice at all!

The Panamaxes and its respective BPI lost seven now standing at 584 points.

Supras and Handies  lost three and four points respectively with the BSI and BHSI at 575 and 355 points respectively.

As mentioned above, not a nice start and this might affect – which we wish not to, the markets for the foreseeable future; this summer being a decisive one!

The Wets, as always with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI and BCTI were plus two and minus seven points respectively at 715 and 512 points.

The WTI begins to stabilise close to US$ 45; is that good or bad news… Very much unpredictable situation. In the melee of Geopolitics, oil prices can drive you mad!

Geopolitics itself with the Greek saga being once again “rehearsed” today in the exceptional Europe group meeting, expect more trouble for the strangulated Greek people. What a shame to have the Europeans shooting their own legs, as the Greek case proves. Add the “pro-European” stanch of the current Greek coalition regime, and see what you get. But when the shit will hit the fan in Europe too, I am going to have a great laugh! Shame to those who lead Europe for their inhumane behaviour towards Greece. Shame for the Greek Parliament not to unite and produce an Aristos Government to get Greece and conversely Europe out of this mess! I “guess” all Europeans have “sent a gift” to the Greek prime minister, the song from the Beatles: The Taxman, which is of course music to PM Tsipras, ears… GREXIT will equal the immediate dissolution of the European Union; you bet?

…add a possible BREXIT or at least – at best a new deal between the United Kingdom and the EU and see what you get! Here also the same applies, even if Greece remains and its troubles seem so far away… A BREXIT will also equal the end of the European Union! Wake up Frau Merkel! Make a gift to yourself in appropriately using your second ancient Greek name, that of Dorothea – God’s Gift, and do the deal for the Greek people, repeat for the Greek people, for the people of Europe, for the people of the world, but not for your counterpart in the Greek current government and the 299 MPs in the Greek Parliament!

Elsewhere things are getting crucial particularly in Brazil. The most powerful South American and Latin nation is facing major issues prior to the Olympic Games. Will its president Dilma Rousseff create an unprecedented situation?

The US election is heating up! Donald Trump becomes softer with the Muslims… A ha! For sure he will win the Republican nomination. Can The Democrats stop him in entering the White House? Will Hillary Clinton make it to the final? Sanders is Sanders and a bit off fashion, too populist, speaks the truth, but can he deliver? Can he win over Donald trump/ Hillary Clinton can do it! But this time, whoever wins, must change the world or the world will go berserk, even against the USA!

The Panama Papers for the very wrong and right issues should stop being in the headlines; there more skeletons in the cupboards elsewhere! A quick estimation  shows other places being in deep mess! Stop the hype.

That’s all from is tonight in the European capital of Brussels!


That’s all from is tonight in the European capital of Brussels!

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