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Flame in the sky…

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The Oceanus, the  first vessel on the scene to search for the ill-fated Egypt air plane...

The Oceanus, the first vessel on the scene to search for the ill-fated Egypt air plane…

Flame in the sky… Was that the ill-fated  MS804 Egypt Air A320? Could that be the plane south of the Greek Island of Karpathos in Greece’s south eastern seas?

The “Oceanus”, a bulker operated by Laskaridis Shipping was the first vessel on the scene. The ultramax of 63, 000 dwt was diverted from its course and immy started searching the area where info available was sending her towards the possible crash area.

As you read these lines, it seems as a mystery that since day-break, when we were advised for this incident, despicable and conflicting news and reports emanating from supposed to be reliable sources and leaders of various nations fly around. The plane left Paris bound for Cairo in an overnight flight and dissapeared at 01:30 BST this morning.

It is about time all this mickey-mousing about stops given the Malaysian double airplanes events and recent others still have a case to answer…

Viewers can read herebelow the exchanges between the Oceanus and its operators:

2016-05-19 12:03 GMT+01:00 Pontikos Peter:

You may contact the master for any latest info on SAR however appreciate we are given any news reports you publish


Capt Rotashniuk

Initial reports from the vessel were:


Good day Sir,

We arrived at the point of dropping at 0840LT, We did not find any floating objects or traces of fuel. I reported to Cairo MRCC. Now several vessels adrift at the place of dropping. One NAVY plane is participating in search operations. We are keeping lookout and monitor water surfaces. waiting for order from Search plane and Cairo MRCC. Brgds

Master A.Rotashnyuk

Received: from MPD at Globe Wireless; Thu, 19 May 2016 07:32 UTC Message-id: 839939242

Unq Q

Good day Sir,  1000 LT MRCC appointed mv Sofia Express as SAR coordinator. Received order start SAR operations, course 230, dead slow ahead. Brgds Master A.Rotashnyuk Received: from MPD at Globe Wireless;

Thu, 19 May 2016 08:30 UTC Message-id: 839958852


We shall keep you posted once we have concreate news for thr missing 66 passengers on board inluding hte airpalnes cew ans unfortunately three young children.

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