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BDI’s blues continue amid a collapsing dry market…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Market blues yet again despite a …”slight” rise; John Faraclas accesses the overall damage and geopolitical implications…

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed down nine points today 625 but overall gained 25 since last week flattening of 600… thanks to the volatile Capers and Geopolitical uncertainty, needless to say global financial collapse!

The Capers and its respective BCI 2014 lost 36 points since yesterday – continuing its fall and now stands at 870, though it gained 72 points since last week’s 798 points. Many owners and brokers are losing their sleep.

The Panamaxes did …better in losing just three points since yesterday (BPI at 621), but gaining 24 since last week’s 597 points.

The Supras’ BSI stood at 562 points (plus four since yesterday and nine from last week’s 553…

Finally the BHSI gained just one point now standing at 343, but lost four since last week’s 347 points.

All in all a very bad market and wonder with bankruptcies looming in the background what is really going to happen!

The Wets are feeling the slight, but continuous rice in WTI affecting freight rates; the Dirties gained seven points now at 747 and plus 15 since last week’s 732, but the Cleans and the respective BCTI lost three points (473) and another 11 since last week’s 484 points.

The WTI just managed to remain just above US$ 48… There are views maintaining the position that we might see US$ 80 by the end of the year. Let’s see this prediction, as you never ever know. Again caution!

On the Geopolitical front e Migrants saga gets another twist and turn following the decision by Greek Judges on a case of a Syrian to be returned to Turkey, that Turkey is not safe! The EU – Turkey accord seems as originally viewed unworkable. Turkey is in a mess given non-compliance with the EU Migrants package – expect mess with Turkey on all fronts!

It’s a pity s the war in Syria continues, equally in Iraq with no defeat yet of ISIS who are expanding pestering all humans with different ideology. Can president intervene; the world had enough and world peace is at stake – in the East Med / Black Sea things are turning sour… Caution!

Libya in more mess… and if it spills over, expect despicable outcomes in all the northern Africa region…

BREXIT is still on the cards. Overheard a discussion where the Commonwealth factor can be restarted to the full making the exodus imperative and necessary!  Just think that the United Kingdom can go it alone… leaving the “Mighty Continent” in disarray!

Greece’s GREXIT might also happen. Somebody is ready to call a fast one on Greece; we believe there are two forces: one within and an external one. We shall see but be on guard! The Greek debt is uncontrollable and unpractical; simply unstustainable. Write same off, as things are getting worse minutes by minute. Expect a messy period up to Christmas in Greece!

Elsewhere the Boko Haram issue must be solved one way or another as it could backfire! The abductions can trigger THE war of attrition in the entire region! Stop it; hopefully the Nigerian Army can do it before it spills over…

The Egypt Air MS804 flight and the latest findings might trigger another nasty surprise. Conflicting news with respect the actual things that took place; we shall see!

In China social media are flooding the public with messy messages which can backfire. CAUTION!

Donald Trump might go over to the United Kingdom, but Brits know nothing about it… People turn to Mrs. Clinton; but can she really do it! Can she deliver if she wins?


Have a nice weekend and be on guard.

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