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Increased focus on ports on DMF 2016

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NordicNelly_Aug11_107This year, the annual Danish Port Conference, arranged by The Transport Economic Association (TØF), will be held in the main conference room of Danish Maritime Fair; Main Deck. Danish Maritime Fair takes place October 25th – 27th in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen.

A unique opportunity
“For The Transport Economic Association, Danish Maritime Fair is the natural location to place our annual Port Conference. It gives a unique opportunity to integrate the issues of the conference with hands-on experiences among, hopefully, a lot of exhibitors and equipment suppliers with relevance to the ports” says Mikkel Brønnum Hansen, Secretariat Director of The Transport Economic Association.

Bjarne Løf Henriksen, Business Policy Consultant for Danish Ports, elaborates on the decision to form the partnership:
“Danish Ports supports Danish Maritime Fair because of the function of the event as a platform to spread information and create possibilities for sharing knowledge and professional networking. Danish Ports has a direct focus on the role of the Ports as central points in the transport chain. The daily challenges in the world trade demands strong networks and that you understand the possibilities in a close cooperation. Danish Ports sees a potential in strengthening the union between the different players in the industry. Furthermore, Danish Maritime Fair is also a window, which, with regard for the future, will give Denmark a position in the blue growth agenda” says Bjarne Løf Henriksen.

A powerful version of DMF
Exhibitors and visitors can look forward to a powerful version of Danish Maritime Fair.

“For DMF 2016, we have chosen to use many resources on developing the concept to ensure that we will get the entire maritime cluster to the fair. In cooperation with The Danish Shipowners’ Association we will this year launch an 84 m2 big Shipowners’ Lounge, which will work as a meeting place for shipping company employees from at Denmark and abroad. In connection with this, we have entered into a cooperation with Danish Ports and now focus on how to get the ports more involved in the concept “says Exhibition Manager Jakob le Fevre.

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