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NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents Annual Report 2015

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NGO SCRAP 31 MAY 2016Brussels,  31 May 2016 – The NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents its Annual Report 2015.

Check the new Annual Report to find out more about:

– our findings about global shipbreaking practices in 2015, including an overview of developments on the ground and statistics on the total number of ships dismantled;

– our activities and campaigns in 2015, including our policy campaign aimed at creating a legal framework that ensures the growth of clean and safe ship recycling globally; our corporate campaign calling upon ship owners, cargo owners, ship financers and recyclers to commit to sustainable ship recycling; and our work in the shipbreaking countries, where there is a need for strengthened regulation and implementation of existing legislation to protect the workers and the environment;

– our wide outreach in the press and on social media;

– latest organisational developments.


Download the Platform’s Annual Report 2015 here, or send us an email to order a hard copy.

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