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Vittoria Shipyards signs a partership agreement with Peru

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Terminal Callao - picture credits APM terminal

Terminal Callao – picture credits APM terminal

Adria (Italy), 22th June – Vittoria Shipyard has extended its horizons to the South American market. Over the past few days, the Adria-based firm – which is one of Italy’s largest builders of military, paramilitary, commercial, transport and working ships – has signed an agreement to work with SIMA Perú, a publicly-owned company that plans, builds and maintains ships, including the naval vessels belonging to the Marina de Guerra(Peruvian Navy),  in close agreement with the Peruvian Ministry of Defence.

The agreement is for the analysis and execution of future projects to build highly-technological naval vessels which meet the country’s special geographical needs. SIMA has been involved for several years in an ambitious project to modernise its production facilities, after work to extend the base at Callao, the most important port in Peru.  The Marina de Guerra, SIMA’s main client, has itself announced its wish to update its fleet.

Terminal Callao - picture credits: APM Terminals

Terminal Callao – picture credits: APM Terminals

The choice of Vittoria Shipyard, as explained in a statement issued by SIMA, came about because of its extensive international background, and the experience and know-how that the firm has in planning and building specialised paramilitary and military vessels: especially search and rescue (SAR) boats for emergency situations (such as providing help in isolated areas after floods or earthquakes), landing craft and interceptors, as well as fast attack craft to detect and counter illegal trafficking.

The deal marks Vittoria Shipyard’s debut in the South American market, with the prospect not just of building new ships, but also of transferring know-how and technological skills through specific cooperation agreements with local firms and research and development projects which involve universities, such as the University of Trieste, and international research centres.

“This result”, said Luigi Duò, the President of Vittoria Shipyard “has come as a direct consequence of last October’s Italian mission abroad and shows the success of synergies between the public and private sector in promoting quality Italian products abroad. The successful outcome, with exceptional conditions if we consider the interest that a small-to-medium sized firm like ours has managed to attract, is also to be attributed to the role played by SEGREDIFESA/DNA (General Defence Secretary/National Armament Management) in accrediting Cantiere Vittoria as a supplier to the Italian Defence Forces and the AIAD (Federation of Italian Aerospace, Defence and Security Companies), which is chaired by the honourable Guido Crosetto, for its support during the mission. We were also helped by the excellent intermediary work done by the Italian Embassy in Peru, especially by Admiral David Rafael Alva. For Vittoria this is the first step on the path of internationalisation.”

Vittoria Shipyard

The company, which was founded in Adria (Rovigo) in 1927 by the Duò family, designs and builds military, paramilitary, cargo and commercial vessels to meet the highest standards set down by ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) and ISO 3834-2 (Automatic and Manual Welding). Since its foundation, Vittoria Shipyard has built more than 860 naval vessels, winning various construction contracts from the Italian Coast Guard, the Fire Service, the Tax Police, and the Italian Navy. The company has also won numerous international contracts from Malta,  Cyprus, Libya, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Romania. Recently the Italian Tax Police have taken delivery of the twin offshore protection vessels Monte Sperone and Monte Cimone, which – at 58 metres – are the largest ships ever built for the Tax Police and currently serve as their flagships.

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