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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With another 13 points plus, the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) …alleviates BREXIT’s issues; John Faraclas reports:

  • The Capers continued their double figure with 19 points, now reading 955 – very close to the 1, 000 threshold!
  • The Panamaxes followed suit with 16 points plus, now standing at 634.
  • The Supras joined in with a double figure, 13 points plus and going over and above the 600 points (606).
  • Only plus two was the positive outcome for the Handies with the BHSI reading now 338!

As per the title of this market …communiqué, it is early days, but good to see amid the financial credit crunch the shipping dry indices going up!

The Wets with mixed feelings: the last published BDTI and BCTI were minus 8 and plus seven respectively now reading 695 – below the 700 point threshold after a long time… and 464. We shall see as the price of WTI close to US$ 49 does influences the wets coupled with the geopolitical chaos!

On the Geopolitical front, we don’t need to say much; the situation remains the same with BREXIT being the most important global issue and with many surprises still to come in and from all fronts – internal and external. Be prepared to hear …music everywhere!

Another shameful attack from the ISIS terrorists, this time Istanbul Airport was heat by suicide bombers with nearly 42 dead and over 150 injured. Punishment here and now! We need to find out from were these people come from and there motive. Some weeks ago the US issued warnings for Turkey and these warning were proven, unfortunately, correct!!!! As we have writen in the past folowing the atrocities and terrorist attacks in Brussels City and Airport, we must fully safeguard the entire region.perimeter of all airports!!! No excuses!!! We are very much concerned as the people of the entire international maritime cluster travel more than a lot compared with ordinary travelers, not for pleasure, but for pure business; their travel is absolutely necessary – whether they go to board ships as seafarers or technical personel, you name it. Moreover, as this platform supports Tourism and Maritime Tourism, we equally demand here and now to safeguard the Ports and Terminals too.

The situ in Syria, Iraq and Libya remains the same.  Equally the Migrants continue to come and then cross over to Europe from Greece and Italy. Many are still losing their life – every day: S H A M  E!!!

The US Presidential election enters a new phase; Hillary Clinton, comfortably or not is the candidate pleasing the majority. Let’s see what happens at the end of the day!

In Greece, a bit messy situations continue to reappear; this time the sale of the Piraeus Port to COSCO comes once again under fire from the SYRIZA party faithful. Hope it goes through, as any further hiccups will make all deals and investors abandon Greece!  I hope things will smooth out, but… expect one day a big mess in Greece. A GREXIT under a different pretext is a must and together the ousting, not only of this coalition government, but all 300 current MP’s!!! Greece needs a leader who doesn’t succumb to internal clientellism and populism and also doesn’t bow down to the foreign factor’s unethical and inhumane demands.  Greek Peoples Freedom is at stake. Let me remind you what Pericles said, so you get your act together: “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it”. This applies for all 7 plus billion on Planet Ocean, particularly to all those billons being supressed by business and political hooligans.

The ill-fated EgyptAir flight MS804  black boxes confirms smoke. Oh well! Still more to come though; keep you posted!

Overall, the African Continent is on a “silent” fire; caution!

In Singapore think-tanks think of the BREXIT repercussions in all fronts. In Philippines Rodrigo Duterte will be sworn in as president after a landslide election victory in May. Let’s watch what happens next. In South America, all eyes are to Brazil, both for the Olympic Games as well as for the economy… Another caution there; needless to say for the entire South and Latin America!

The Euro 2106 continues and we just want to see more surprises!  Interesting quarter finals to watch. Tennis at Wimbledon makes waves too. June and July: the very sporty months! And Ascot is coming up!

Finally, we had two interesting presentations at the IMIF luncheon earlier on today hosted by Jean Richards of Quantum Ship Services, with Jean Richards on a great day speaking on:  “When a COA is not a COA” – well done Jean! She had some more than good points and historical analysis and THE truth… Then come the very eloquent Philippe Ruttley from Ince & Co on the burning, as always issue of the BREXIT”. The 4o plus strong audience from all sides of the international shipping cluster applauded him and six questions created an interesting debate! The speaker’s presentation was superb with excellent slides. We will revert on this double event soon.

Irene St. Daifas has been elected President of the Piraeus Marine Club.

Election also in London for the HESGB (Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain); will revert soon with the results.

Get greared for tomorrow AFRIMARI’s special summer evnt: OPEC: Is it still relevant today?

That’s all for now, be on guard and expect the unexpected from the BREXIT campus et al… Have a nice evening!

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