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Irene Rosberg leads drive by Nordic Iranian Chamber of Commerce Copenhagen…

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Irene Rosberg

Irene Rosberg

Irene Rosberg leads drive by Nordic Iranian Chamber of Commerce Copenhagen to enhance maritime co-operation with Iran

One of Scandinavia’s leading maritime professionals is assisting the new Nordic Iranian Chamber of Commerce Copenhagen to revitalise shipping and logistics industry links with Iran.

Irene Rosberg, whom the Chamber has designated as its director of maritime transport and logistics, is one of 9 executive committee members of the body, which was established at the beginning of 2016. Each committee member is tasked with taking forward their particular industry speciality.

Ms Rosberg, who is programme director of the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (the Blue MBA) at Copenhagen Business School, said: ”The lifting of a number of the most onerous trade sanctions on Iran has been widely welcomed, and businesses in Scandinavia and in Iran are keen to revive avenues of commerce that had been cut off, and to develop fresh business. The Chamber is the ideal vehicle to support such initiatives.”

The door to a considerable revival of trade was opened by the implementation of what was called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action based on internationally-agreed assurances and monitoring in relation to Iran’s nuclear programme.

Ms Robserg said that the bid to re-set relations on their historic firm footing had got off to a good start when the Danish foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, in January led a national delegation to Tehran to lay the groundwork for deals in energy, shipping, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.

One sign of the improved atmosphere has been news that Iranian oil exports are reportedly back to pre-sanctions levels, with an increased number of tankers lifting cargoes from Kharg Island terminal. This was facilitated by an increased level of ‘fall-back cover’ made available by shipowners’ protection and indemnity clubs to mitigate any shortfalls in insurance.

Ms Rosberg said: “Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East.  It is a market of 80m people, has a highly educated and in the majority youthful workforce, is oil and gas rich and is keen to diversify beyond those key commodities. There will clearly be a need for co-operation with overseas partners in such areas as transport and infrastructure.”

Main import needs are seen as including grains and other foodstuffs, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, vehicles and potentially a surge in volumes of consumer goods.

The Chamber, with its head office in the Danish capital, is a forum for cooperation between professionals, organisations and others in Iran and Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

It plans to make its mark in business, innovation, technology, science, higher education and knowledge transfer, to organise activities to promote trade and investment, and to build contacts with key people at agencies, associations and companies. The remit includes helping the search for partners, and identifying distributors and investors.

The Chamber’s biography of Ms Rosberg says that she is “widely recognised as commanding enormous respect throughout the maritime and logistics sectors internationally for her work in executive education, research in identifying future challenges for industry, and building global relationships. She has high-level contacts in many of the leading organisations in her field, including excellent professional relationships in Europe, in Asia including China, and in Latin America.”

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