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Uncertainty with the BDI@687; caution with Geopolitics

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

With four points plus since last Friday’s closing the BDI is between the dire straits given also the geopolitical and shipfinance chaos; John Faraclas’ Daily recap:

  • The Capers’ BCI 2014 ended up another five points at 848;
  • The Panamaxes and its respective BPI was surprisingly down six at 721 points;
  • The Supras’ BSI gained another eight points and now stands at 694 – six points below the 700 mark threshold;
  • The Handies’ BHSI clinched another four points and now read 416 the highest level over the last 11 months!
  • On the Wets though thing aren’t that good; the last published BDTI (Dirties) just gained two points and now reads 506, making life difficult for the VLCC’s… The Cleans’ BCTI was down just one point at 462.
  • The price of WTI just above the US$ 47 and dropping. Again: good news and bad news for some stakeholders, but good for the 7,5 billion people on Planet Ocean – fairs fair! Imagine if we opt for the alternative sources of energy – where as we have stressed over the last 15 years, big money will change hands!

A bit of a messy Container trade; a strange continuation of LNG’s too…

The Shipfinance front will hear the music very soon as many shipfinance banks are not just collapsing, the y have collapsed and others wish to take over their bad debts. Wonder though who will charge the moron bankers and their accomplices for letting this situation to happen. Greediness must be punished to the end and at all costs; it is about time! Read what’s up and what’s coming up in the daily news very very soon!

On the Geopolitical front now:

The Syrian despicable saga has more and more twists and turns which will create an animosity between all nations in the region for at least one century! Add the animosity for those nations intervening to create “peace” from faraway and see what will happen – the projection will be unique of what is going to happen to these nations and their cronies; remember this! The architects of all these sins against humanity will face their Nemesis with such ferocity that it will be the preamble of a new world peace order! All “stakeholders” in the Syrian saga as well as in the Arab …”Spring” will seat one day in the dock of the International Court of Justice. As you all know, things can change. The region from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from Ukraine down to the Horn of Africa will give both Tsunamis and Earthquakes – you dead well know what I mean. This is Planet Ocean’s most important region as it includes the 85 centum of the World’s Dire Straits – Canals being the most important ones…

The USA and the other superpowers must decide what they really really want form the region, then get rid of ISIS and its accomplices before trouble spread globally. No one cares if there is a pre-election presidential fever, Peace is the issue the world demands here and now. Nobody really cares about Mrs. Clinton’s emails – a very pathetic pre-meditated action against her, nor Mr. Trump’s to and fro rhetoric; the World needs justice and peace, end of the story!

Next door in Canada the country faces a big dilemma over its environmental commitments in getting off more dirty oil from mother earth! Caution from both sides as logic must prevail.

Mexico will soon face a bit of hiccups on corruption… Caution there too!

The MIGRANTS issue continues and it is about time some morons – particularly in Greece stop their policy – see the attack against the Metropolitan of the Island of Chios Markos. Exercising undue political pressure will back-clash one day. Instead for the Greek Ministers involved in this despicable issue to resign as well as all those in Europe too for creating this mess in Chios, and the other Greek Islands off the Anatolian Coast of Turkey – the blackmailer country, and the troubles the rest of Greece’s cities, towns and villages face from the ignorance of all involved in tackling the MIGRANTS issue, needless the mess Europe’s people face, these morons and their business hooligans accomplices continue to destroy the world! Hands-off from Metropolitan Markos! We have also to stress that in general the MIGRANTS are suffering for being left-over in limbo on the Greek Islands and Mainland Greece as well as in Italy, Bulgaria and other European Nations – within the EU or otherwise. Now add what is yet to come from Northern Africa and see for yourself where we are all heading with these politicians and diplomats!

BREXIT makes wave. “Leading” leaders from the EU are conferring to see the post BREXIT aftermath… I love it! As have written in the very recent …past, BREXIT is good even for its opponents!

Greece will now enter a very difficult period. The Greek people must follow the British example and go for an honourable GREXIT!

The German people are advised to stock for any eventuality if a disaster happens there; this is very serious news indeed! Mrs. Merkel, your policy has failed – as well as those of the rest of your counterparts in Europe and beyond!

In Africa and in particular in South Africa the ANC lost to DA the race for electing a Mayor! Herman Mashaba is Johannesburg new major. Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city and economic  centre!

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games given the circumstances was a success and ended with the Classic Brazilian Samba in the Maracana Stadium Carnival; the next rendezvous will be in Tokyo in 2020! Let’s see the Abenomics what they will offer! The USA and Great Britain & Northern Island followed by China were the trio of winners. Interestingly many have gone to create various reports on the medals sharing and all that. For us we noticed also that NATO countries won 481 medals in total! On another study we also noticed that the former USSR won a total of 144 medals. The mess with doping though will backfire… as Russian will respond appropriately! Let’s see now the decision on the Paralympics which begin on the 7th of September! The Shipping Nations too were at the forefront as did the G7! Ah! And the Mighty Continent did well, included Greece!

We have to repeat an old demand which avoids competition and injustice vis-à-vis the “selection” of the next nation to host the Olympic Games: Olympia in Greece’s Peloponnese to be once again the place; it will revive the local and Greek economy  and honour the country of birth of both ancient and modern Olympic Games. Let’s be just on this!

That’s all in all the basic selected news, have a nice evening and be on guard!

P.S.: This is the best time to buy five-year’s old tonnage and contract newbuildings too if you have access to money!

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