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The Markets drop yet again; geopolitical tsunamis add to the turmoil….

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index), following a pause yesterday, lost steam yet again and now reads 796 points; crucial period for all Geopolitical unsettled business. John Faraclas’ Daily recap:

Down eight and below the 800 point threshold – being the main aim of resistance by all shipowners, the BDI losses steam. Yet you must take on account that unless the BDI clocks above the 2,274 point mark -being the best and last good figure at the closing stages of 2013, nothing promising can be envisaged, not just expected!

The Capers slow down with a 26 point plus and the respective BCI 2016 reads 1,607 points – the only size with a positive sign, but…

The Panamaxes and its respective BPI lost three points and stands at 656; CAUTION…

The Supras and the BSI down another 10 points at 671, and

The  Handies’ BHSI minus two at 415 make the dull picture…

The Wets too on a very difficult period; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) gained one (543) and lost six (402) points respectively.

The LNG shipping following a reset, will bother us for a while too; be on guard as LNG in its entirety creates yet another front in the shipping industry which greatly influences the world economy.

The Container trade following the Hanjin mess will be shaken to its foundations but it will prove good for all. Be on guard though! There are many to fall…

Climate change is yet another factor to be noticed and appropriately tackled and the 10 of C plus change over the last five years greatly affects the entire market place – from garments to social and cultural change of behaviour! By the way today in the United Kingdom we had the hottest day ever since 1911 – 34.4 C !!!! Classic rain too in other parts of the UK!

The price of WTI is dropping and now (at 22:02 BST) stands at US$ 45,01. Another major CAUTION.

Despite this unsustainable market, despite the bankruptcies – those already known and those looming in the background as well as the commodity crisis, the geopolitical uncertainty, this is the best ever buyers’ market for half a century; don’t miss the chance if you are an able buyer with ample cash for second hand five-year old ones or better, if you want my sincere view, go for a newbuilding spree on the tonnage you are good at!

The geopolitical mess – created by the architects of sin, will soon backfire and we have warned you on this long before… You see, being a good shipowner – a good entrepreneur in general, entails a few charismas: Appropriate Maritime Education and Training in all fronts of the shipping adventure, clarity (transparency) and full ethical corporate social responsibility. Shipping as we have said numerous times is the attainment of money and seafarers. These charismas are missing from inhumane political leaders and their cronies – what we have numerous times referred to as the actions of business hooligans and their cronies have created a very uncertain business geopolitical environment. Migrants from warring nations, Pirates and Terrorists to name but a few who are now able to create havoc in our society, particular in the so called Western World – which is ruled by the Christiandome, are standing by ready to offend us…

Shipping therefore has become shipping for the very very very few and if you resist to this situation/reality, you will become a major loser and also destroy the society you live in! Listed or unlisted shipping entities are involved in a toxic war amongst them and the money (finance) issue make the scene more than exciting. We are living in interesting times!

The MIGRANTS continue to be the top story for Greece and Italy; conversely in Europe, thanks to the morons of Brussels and Angela Merkel’s pathetic stance! Turkey continues to blackmail Europe in its entirety! Only the USA with the assistance of Russia can end this mess. The people of Vrontados in Chios – the Greek island in the eastern Aegean very close to Turkey’s Anatolian coast, take it to the streets given the MIGRANTS issue and they object to the continuity of the MIGRANTS camp there.  They care about safeguarding their families! They had enough like all in islanders in the Eastern Aegean. Greece’s mainland too has excessive and despicable problems deriving from the MIGRANTS. The head of the Police says that unless the appropriate conditions are met, he will resign.

The Syrian saga – per our last, looks for sure that the explosion there will be monumental! Just wait and see. The Kurdish issue too will become intolerable for all and the mess will follow! Turkey sooner or later will become another Yugoslavia! Times have changed Mr. Erdogan, so try to reason with both the Kurds and the rest of your neighbours! It is a must to reason with people, so stop threatening them!

The fight against ISIS must be intensified here and now with the use of excess force by all in the coalition, particularly the air campaign. On the ground though, the Kurds can work wonders with supportive US and Russian thinking! Turkey MUST stay out of this as it looks for the chance to attack anybody being Kurd; you dead well know what I mean!

The BREXIT issue becomes very interesting in all fronts and Cameron’s resignation from politics says it all. All in all the BREXIT factor – as it now widely known, will shake the foundation of all on Planet Ocean! The new question now stands: “Who’s afraid of BREXIT?” to paraphrase the well-known film “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Yesterday we mentioned that no one was ready for the BREXIT result as no one wanted to face reality. No post-BREXIT plan existed for the British people nor for the Europeans too. We strongly though believe that streamlining the situation, even now will prove beneficial for the United Kingdom and we adhere to it! Former British PM David Cameron’s resignation from politics, particularly after the BREXIT result is seen as a shocking action; time will tell”!

Racism should be closely watch all over the United Kingdom…

GREXIT is a must for Greeks to follow and then many nations in took all in his party, in British, European and world Politics by surprise! Europe will follow suit!  Greece is going to be the focal point of Planet Oceans troubles very very soon! The Puppets of the current Athenian Muppet show and all their accomplices will be severely punished. PM Tsipras and his likes lack of knowledge to make it work. Make or make Mr. Tsipras; enough! Did I hear you say Greek opposition? Good only for the bin! We invite you all to read our proposal, that of a Secretariat of Aristos to run Greece for a decade; the rest is nonsense. Then, change the electoral system with 200 maximum MP’s and each constituency to elect one and in each constituency only one candidate per party to be allowed to stand! This, coupled with appropriately proportional representation due to certain factors, is the only way guaranteeing and safeguarding the progress of Greece and its people.

The US elections is in a unique turning point given Hillary Clinton’s health issue – we sincerely hope her doctors tackle pneumonia in the best possible way. She deserves not to lose this chance, her last chance to become the first woman president of the USA! Donald Trump must change or the circumstances will even change the minds of his own supporters. Both candidates are already facing exceptional issues – some of them chronic such as Cyprus, Middle East, The Caucuses saga, North Korea, racism, energy to name but a few…

The Rio 2016 Paralympic games continue with success stories, even without Russia. Now, Russia, as we have expected, strikes back: its hackers released medical records of well-known athletes who took part in the Rio 2016 Olympics and beyond. Shame to all!

The North Korean madman continues his threats and it’s about time we send him where he really belongs, as well as his backers – after all he is a proxy fighter in the region… Too much hype will backfire in the region. Can the US’s B-1 bombers make the trick?

Expect troubles with shipyards mainly in the Far East. South Korea and China are the main countries in trouble! This is not just shipping news, this is world news of high importance!

In South Sudan corruption scandals are about to surface… In the rest of the African Continent things have to be closely monitored as they are already very explosive. North Africa with its famous scam – that is the African Arab Spring, continues to be messy and as yet uncertain, influencing not only the shipping and energy industry but geostrategic politics too.

The accident on the world’s largest cruise vessel the “Harmony of the Seas” with loss of life and dreadful injuries to other crew members, is indeed an upsetting one, but accidents will continue to happen so long as ships exists. One shouldn’t exaggerate. Indeed the loss of life is even above paramount importance to all and for all, equally appropriate coverage by the media! In the world of shipping such an accident during safety exercise can only be characterised as ultra-hard luck! Our thoughts go to the family of the deceased Filipino and all the other injured crew members.

The Capital Link’s New York Maritime Forum was more than a success; see our respective Twitters @aaslimited !

That’s all for today; enjoy the evening and the news from the New York Fashion Show there and look forward to London’s coming fashion week!

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