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Finalists announced for Gulfstream and Orcelle environmental awards

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Dan Singleton, CEO of Transient Plasma Systems, which won the 2015 Orcelle Award for its energy-efficient, low-emission ignition solution for automotive and truck manufacturers and engine makers.

Dan Singleton, CEO of Transient Plasma Systems, which won the 2015 Orcelle Award for its energy-efficient, low-emission ignition solution for automotive and truck manufacturers and engine makers.

Oslo, Norway, 20 September 2016. The Ocean Exchange has announced 15 finalists in its annual competition to identify solutions for sustainable economic growth, increased productivity and protection of the marine environment.

The innovators will present their solutions at the sixth annual Ocean Exchange, held in Savannah, Georgia and compete for one of two $100,000 awards from sponsors Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL).

Each year, the Ocean Exchange seeks innovative, proactive and globally scalable solutions with working prototypes and applications that can cross industries, economies and cultures.

Twenty-three experts from around the world have reviewed the solutions and selected the top 15 solutions with the greatest ability to transform industries.

This year’s Solutions Inspiring Action are from five different countries:

Atom Switch Solid State Circuit Breakers by Atom Power: USA (NC)
Solid-state circuit breaker technology with benefits of safety, dynamic response, control, metering & energy savings in stationary and marine applications.

Carbon-Capturing Lightweight Hybrid Composites by RRTC: USA (NJ)
Carbon-sequestering lightweight hybrid composite material for structural components in land, air, and water transportation.

CorPower Ocean: Sweden
Wave Energy Converter (WEC) for cost effective electricity generation, inspired by pumping principles of the human heart.

Greening the Coastal Deserts by Atmocean: USA (NM)
Zero electricity reverse osmosis desalination system powered by renewable wave energy to establish new cropland using drip irrigation of desalinated water.

HTC BioProcessor: Sweden
Cost effective sludge handling system for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants that transforms remaining sludge into renewable, solid, bio-coal fuel.

HySiLabs: France
Unique safe, stable liquid hydrogen fuel, which provides a usage experience similar to current liquid fuels, allowing a smooth transition from fossil to alternative fuels.

Q.Rad by Qarnot Computing: France
A smart, digitally connected heater, the first to use embedded microprocessors as a heat source for use in homes, public buildings, and offices.

SAROS Desalination by Eco-H2O Innovations: USA (NC)
A buoy that converts seawater to drinking water without electricity, using renewable wave energy to power pumps for reverse osmosis.

SolarVIA™ by 510Nano: USA (NC)
Photovoltaic technology to generate solar energy at lower per unit costs by increasing production using off the shelf mounting systems.

Solvatten: Sweden
A combined portable water treatment system and solar water heater for household use in the developing world for safe drinking water, cooking, and hygiene.

StingRAY Wave Power by Columbia Power Technologies: USA (VA)
Cost effective and reliable wave energy system to generate electric power for utility- scale grids.

Sun Buckets: USA (IL)
Cooking device that uses solar energy to help the impoverished cook without the use of biomass-based fuel, open flame, or emissions.

SunCulture: Kenya
Solar powered irrigation system for smallholder farmers in the developing world to grow high value fruits and vegetables, enabling impactful increases in family income.

Turbulent Hydro by Turbulent: Belgium
New hydropower technology inspired by the natural shape of a vortex, to provide smart decentralized energy production in a turnkey system with standard components.

Weaver 5 Wind Turbine by Weaver Wind Energy: USA (NY)
Five kilowatt turbine with scalable “active furling” technology, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance in the distributed market segment of wind energy production.

These innovators will compete for one of these awards:

  • The Gulfstream® Navigator Award 2016 will be given to the solution that best demonstrates the greatest potential to Accelerate Sustainability with applicability across multiple industries generating positive impact on the environment, economics and health while respecting cultures around the world. This year the Navigator Award will focus on renewable energy.
  • The WWL Orcelle® Award 2016, sponsored by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics will be given to the solution that makes shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emission, marine and land based technologies that are commercially viable

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