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Markets and Geopolitics twists and turns…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Another day in the history of Market volatility to remember; another day of Geopolitical mess too… John Faraclas’ daily report:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed up 15 points since yesterday at 849 thanks to the as ever volatile Capers who gained nearly 100 points – they ended at 1,544, which is 93 points plus, extending the volatility!

On the antipode the Panamaxes who gained just one point and the respective BPI now stands at 886 points!

Both the Supras and Handies remained in the same levels as yesterday, i.e the BSI and BHSI were reading 718 and 434 points respectively.

Now don’t tell us you are satisfied with this uncertainty…

The Wets last published figures followed suit with the BDTI (Dirties) gaining 15 points standing at 670 points but the BCTI (Cleans) lost 34 – a surprise loss with the respective index reading 471 points.

So both Dry and Wet markets are under the volatility syndrome and that enhances the possibilities of a major market drop with incalculable repercussions for all!

The price of WTI went under the US$ 45 and now reads US$ 44,67…

The Container trade as foreseen in previous reports, particularly that of yesterday continues its consolidation and another major group appeared: OCEAN Alliance – COSCO Container Lines, CMA CGM, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line, signed earlier on today a document entitled the Day One Product!

The Geopolitical front as numerous times have stressed is getting worse in all fronts:

The MIGRANTS: total mess. More drownings off the Libyan coast; more rescues. Wonder if there is any humane feeling left by politicians and diplomats to begin with… The Security services, I mean the Coast Guards of Spain, Malta, Italy and Greece together with NATO vessels and FRONTEX must perform, otherwise it looks as if we are like Prometheus in Bounds… Shame! No excuses, please!

In Syria the crematorium expands and there is extended butchering from all sides involved! Add the ISIS saga and who will control the region and see what you make out of this.

We all eagerly await the re-capture of Mosul. Above all we want the International Court of Justice to bring in the dock all those who have sold weapons to ISIS; name and shame them!

Turkey continues to slide to unchartered waters both within by detaining the Kurdish leaders there… add its involvement in the fighting and the provocative staunch over international treaties, particularly that of Lausanne and you can understand if the USA and Russia don’t break this deadlock, what is going to happen. Indeed there is a deadlock and Turkish neighbours – all those who have signed the treaty, might all together lose their patience…

The Palestinian Minotaurian issue might provoke Israel for an all out unprecedented pre-emptive attack…

In Greece the deprivation of Greeks’ dignity continues. The current regime, a coalition of strange bedfellows, unless they come to terms with reality and not think on how to take revenge from the outcome of the Greek Civil War 1945 -1949, will sink the country. The entire opposition should also stop promising things they cannot deliver, particularly when they are totally responsible of Greece’s current mess and eight years of recession. They are responsible as they have governed for 42 years and they paralysed everything! Once again we maintain the view of an Aristos Government to take over and save the day once and for all; the rest is pure nonsense. A must to leave here and now the European Union. Mind me, I do the support the Idea of a United Europe, but not the one Germany and its cronies created!

The BREXIT saga creates unbelievable issues, obviously expected from this side, as just over four months now, following the BREXIT result by a very legitimate referendum, until now nothing has really happened and everybody tries to reinvent the wheel! BREXIT means BREXIT with whatever this entails, otherwise the public has been conned! Only in Greece a referendum has been “reversed” as same wasn’t suitable for Greece’s lenders and for the ruling coalition to continue the mess… and remain in power. The will of voters must be respected as otherwise, a social upturn can make the establishment think not just twice, but three times, before creating these situations. Opting for an election in the UK means that somebody has to satisfy his/her needs… and offer the Germans and Brussels an unexpected gift!

In the meantime, the European Union gets messy every single day in all fronts… That’s the counter!

The USA’s presidential election’s result will shape the world for the next  fifty years – try and see why! If they are now neck to neck, expect mess. The counter of accusations saw how both have come very low and that will backfire, whoever wins. This is pure demagogues and sophistry dent!

The Russians in the meantime are playing their own game; see for example how they respond vis-à-vis their pipeline to go through Greece: they want the EU to have its say…  Those present in Athens’ Greek-Russian energy conference – organised jointly by  HAEE and Pommel Holdings Inc. and attended by 700 delegates and ministers from both sides, have understood quite a lot of what is happening!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality!

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