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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) on …a falling, plus though modus, gained only 19 points since yesterday and now stands at 1,084 points; Geopolitical aspects – better say problems, following the USA elections begin to surface on all fronts; John Faraclas daily market recap:

The Capers proved one hundred centum how volatile and uncertain they are; the BCI 2014 lost 56 points sine yesterday, halting the rise of last week and yesterday’s 35 plus points and now read 2,282. Once again, ultra-caution from all.

The Panamaxes too become volatile with the BPI gaining a triple digit plus, 104 points standing at 1,162! What’s next then…

The Supras’ BSI stood at 703 points – up six since yesterday whilst the Handies’ BHSI gained three points now reading 436.

So we are faced with an ultra-uncertain and volatile dry market and, all things been equal, we might see disasters waiting to happen. It is exciting though and adventurous as the entire shipping industry is, but given what we have gone through since 2006 as well as what happens right now, ten years later with the World’s Financial crisis  deteriorating further, don’t be surprised meeting your own inevitable!

The Wets too appeared with mixed results; the BDTI (Dirties) was down ten points at 740, whilst the BCTI (Cleans) was up three points at 398 .

The price of  WTI managed to climb up a bit surpassing the US$ 45 mark at US$ 45,70!  We say: Opppss as this rise entails billions of dollars burdens for the weak…

The Demolition market looks good and we insist in more scrapping; we need to see another ten centum of ships beached and recycled!

Fewer newbuildings, but the good inevitable will soon happen; the need for more double eco ships is more than demanding – brace for yet another market grounding…

On the Geopolitical front, interesting things are taking shape, whilst others remain the same and deteriorate:

The MIGRANTS saga is worse today; more troubles at some hotspots in Greece!  In the USA president elect Donald Trump wants three million illegal immigrants to either go to jail or leave immy the USA territory! Difficult case, but expect many changes!

Assad cautiously expects a possible Trump alliance…; wonder if this can be possible – you never ever know. Meantime the inferno continues in Syria… Russia, as have already said, isn’t going to give an inch…

Despicable damage at ancient Nimrud by ISIS calls for major intervention and humiliation of this extremist group. Need though to see all its backers ridiculed! E n o u g h! Let’s see what happens after Mosul.

Turkey still pestering the entire region and its neighbours; as stressed last Friday, the time has come for Turkey and its president as well as their supporters to be severely punished. How come Mrs. Merkel and all in the European Union accept such a behaviour? How come NATO too accept such a member?

Obama spells it out in Greece during his two-day visit with respect of crude nationalism; tries hard to convince though Greeks that things can change there for the better. Only the oracle of Delphi can tell and foretell changes for the better or even for worse. No matter who is visiting Greece, one thing is for sure: the need to oust all politicians is a must, find their collaborators in Europe and elsewhere and put them on the dock! Then things can change and the necessary reforms will take place. For a start, we need to see at least 600,000 leave the Public services and sector. Corruption must end here and now. An Aristos government must take over. Those of us attending last night the BHCC forum at Lloyd’s and listening to Japonica Partners’ Paul B. Kazarian, understood well what is going on…

BREXIT continues to shake the World! Rumours have it that 30,000 are needed to ensure appropriate action takes place vis-à-vis the exodus from the EU. In our view, it is good to see the United Kingdom leaving due to the mismanagement of Europe by Germany and Brussels. Mess, mess, Mess; caution!

The European Banking System might crash… It wasn’t just Greece, it’s Italy too and other nations… Messy banking days ahead!

In Africa now and in Northern Nigeria at the former Boko Haram stronghold region 14 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, otherwise many will die…

We all await eagerly the Gramenos’ Brigade 8th City of London Biennial Meeting on 17th and 18th November 2016; many issues will be addressed on all fronts!

Have a nice evening and be on guard as the world is on fire!

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