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Highlights from Wärtsilä’s stakeholder magazine

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WARTS MAG 112016

Highlights from Wärtsilä’s stakeholder magazine

Harnessing killer watts

An exciting project in Rwanda removes toxic methane from the bottom of Lake Kivu and uses it to produce electricity and, at the same time, helps maintain ecological balance.

Powerful partnership
LNG logistical challenges, favourable price development of ethane and a close collaboration with Evergas and INEOS made the world’s first ethane-powered marine vessels a reality.
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New and innovative2
Fittingly, a new and innovative company was first to choose the new, innovative, Guinness World Record-breaking Wärtsilä 31. After successful factory testing, the engines are headed for the Arctic.
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The (solar) future’s so bright
We can help you store gas, outfit carriers to bring it ashore, supply regasification units or build terminals of any size on land. And our boil-gas is to well, use it for on-site generation.
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A game-changing energy saver
Wärtsilä recently developed an important energy-saving device that is likely to spark a high degree of interest: the industry’s first hubcap and fin setup for Controllable Pitch Propellers.
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