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Amended transit fees now in effect 
19 December 2016 
Suez Canal, Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Transportation has issued Ministerial Decree advising amended fees for Suez Canal transit, effective for all ships from 15 December 2016, as follows:

Vessels of Gross Registed Tonnage (GRT) Art (1-1) ships GRT One PortUS$ Two Ports(Canal Transit)US$
Up to 3,000 tons Gross Registered  Tonnage 500.00 800.00
3,001 to 5,000        (GRT) 600.00 600.00
5001 to 10,000       (GRT) 800.00 1200.00
10,001 to 20,000    (GRT) 1000.00 1500.00
20,001 to 40,000    (GRT) 1200.00 1800.00
For each additional 10,000 tons over 40,001 GRT 200.00 250.00
(1-2)        Passenger Vessels    
Up to 15,000 tons  (GRT) 800.00 900.00
Over  15,001 tons   (GRT) 1200.00 1800.00
(1-3)   Other floating Units
Yachts (up to 60 feet long) 150.00 250.00
Yachts (over 60 feet long) 300.00 400.00
Tugs Boats and Similar 400.00 600.00

General Conditions :

Vessel’s Stay at port : Mentioned fees to cover berthing vessel for 1st 5 days and  to add (10%) above charges on (1-1) per each additional day or part of a day.

Ships will not sail from the port for Repairs, Force majeure, or any other reason/s out of ship control  (subject to port authority evaluation) will be exempted from this additional charges.

Seamen’s Club : 25 USD per vessel to be collected as Seamen’s Club fees,  to bedeposited with the maritime transport sector until further instruction regarding the establishment and development of the seamen’s club and appointment of aresponsible party.

Collection Fees : 75 L.E per vessel are to be granted to the shipping agent for collecting theministry fees in favor of Maritime Transport Sector for each  ship .

All ships transiting the Canal will be charged as follows:

Vessels of Gross Registed Tonnage (GRT)  (Suez Canal Transit)US$
Up to 10,000 tons Gross Registered  Tonnage 350.00
Fm 10,001 to 60,000  (GRT) 450.00
Fm 60,001  and over   (GRT) 700.00

Ministry fees and Port authority transit fees will be subject to:
– (3%) annual increase
– Above increases percentage subject to be reviewed if necessary

For information about operations in the Suez Canal contact GAC Egypt at suezcanal@gac.com

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