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Low cost monitoring to optimise propulsion efficiency

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Workshop: ‘Low Cost Monitoring to Optimise Propulsion Efficiency’ Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute, 26th April 2017, 2-5pm

MOVE (Monitoring for Operational Vessel Efficiency) is an Innovate UK project developing and validating an easily fitted monitoring system capturing real-time torque, speed and thrust data on propulsion and auxiliary power trains.

To explain why this technology is of value to commercial boat owners and operators, the MOVE Project is hosting a workshop at the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute on Wednesday, 26th April commencing at 2.00pm. Delegates will learn the benefits of collecting better data and how it can ensure their craft are operating at maximum efficiency.

The project is also keen to gather feedback from the marine community and attendees will be invited to contribute their professional experience and help shape the future direction of the MOVE technology during the workshop.

Through the MOVE system operators can identify engine degradation, damage or biofouling and from this quantify the savings achievable by intervention. The system also enables cost-effective operation of
vessels by the improved selection of propulsion and generation systems; better maintenance; and
enhanced vessel mission planning.

Technology already exists to gather this data but it is time consuming to install. The MOVE project has
refined this to provide a device which can be retro-fitted in less than an hour. This makes the system
commercially more attractive for vessel owners.

Initially targeting the commercial work boat sector, the technology is deployable on a wide range of marine engines used for main propulsion and auxiliary power. Sea trials of the MOVE system have been taking place aboard a Falmouth Harbour Pilot Launch, collecting data as it carries out its operational duties.

Further testing of the technology will commence soon aboard a Wind Farm Support Vessel.
Key areas that will benefit from MOVE include:
• Vessels servicing ‘green industries’ such as offshore wind farms and ocean energy installations.
• Vessels that already face a requirement to install some engine monitoring capability (e.g. fishing vessels) for regulatory reasons.
• Port and harbour vessels (tugs, pilot launches and survey vessels) and short-haul ferries, where dynamic performance is important.

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