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OCIMF and CDI release joint information paper…

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Captain Andrew Cassels

OCIMF and CDI release new information paper Linked Ship/Shore Emergency Shutdown Systems for Oil and Chemical Transfers.

The information paper, jointly released by CDI and OCIMF on 21 April, recommends an Emergency Shutdown (ESD) connection that will link ship and terminal ESD systems, so that manual activation by the terminal or ship will stop cargo transfer operations.

“Linked ship/shore ESD systems have been a standard safety feature of LNG transfer operations for many years,” says OCIMF Director Captain Andrew Cassels. “It has been a challenge for the oil and chemical industries to do the same, because there hasn’t been a universally-accepted piece of equipment to achieve the required connection. This paper recommends a connection that should help terminals and vessels achieve that compatibility.”

CDI’s General Manager Captain Howard Snaith agrees. “The point of the ship/shore interface remains one of the most critical aspects of safe cargo operation. I strongly believe this paper will bring a lot of benefits to the industry both ashore and afloat in enhancing safety relating to that point of change in cargo custody transfer.”

The information paper recommends an electrical umbilical incorporating 5-pin twist connectors for universal adoption. It can be used to provide the connection at both onshore and offshore terminals.


  1. The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is a voluntary association of oil companies (the ‘members’) who have an interest in the shipment and terminalling of crude oil, oil products, petrochemicals and gas. OCIMF’s mission is to be the foremost authority on the safe and environmentally responsible operation of oil tankers, terminals and offshore support vessels, promoting continuous improvement in standards of design and operation. ocimf.org.
  2. Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) is a non-profit and non-commercial organisation funded by the chemical industry to continuously improve the safety and quality performance of marine transportation and storage of bulk liquid chemicals. CDI manage global inspection schemes, providing consistent inspection data for the international chemical industry to use in their risk assessment processes. CDI is incorporated under the law of the Netherlands as the Stichting Chemical Distribution Institute and operates from a registered office in the United Kingdom.


  1. The paper is free to download from ocimf.org/library/information-papers/

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